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3 Oct 2014
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This Sceptred Isle

The Six-Day War and Devaluation
In 1967 the Israelis went to war against the Egyptians and the Jordanians. They captured the Sinai Dessert to the Suez Canal, the Golan Heights, the west bank of the Jordan but most important of all, they had Jerusalem.

President de Gaulle had once more vetoed Britain's attempt to open negotiations for Common Market membership.

On November 19th 1967, the pound was devalued by the government from $2.80 to $2.40.

Christiaan Barnard
Christiaan Barnard

  • Pioneered open heart surgery and organ transplant.
  • Went to Cape Town medical school in his native South Africa
  • Went to America to research
  • Performed the first open heart surgery in Cape Town in 1967
  • First patient lived for 18 days but died of pneumonia
  • Second patient survived for more than a year

did you know?
Jeremy Thorpe became leader of the Liberal Party in 1967.

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1963The Profumo Affair
Harold Macmillan resigns due to ill health as Tory PM and is succeeded by Sir Alec Douglas-Home
1964Labour win General Election. Harold Wilson PM
1965 Winston Churchill dies
Sir Alec Douglas-Home resigns as Tory leader and is succeeded by Edward Heath
1966 Barclay's Bank introduces the first British credit card
1967 £sterling devalued
1968 The Commonwealth Immigration Act is passed
Anti Vietnam War riots throughout Europe
1969 Extra troops sent to Ulster - start of present "Troubles"
Prince Charles becomes the Prince of Wales
1970 General Election. Edward Heath becomes Tory PM
1971 The Industrial Relations Act is passed
Decimal Currency introduced
1972 The Northern Irish Parliament is replaced by Westminster

Sixties pop artists and groups
The Beatles
The Monkees
Bob Dylon
The Rolling Stones
The Carpenters
Jimi Hendrix
Procul Harum
Scott McKenzie and the Flowerpot Men

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