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3 Oct 2014
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This Sceptred Isle

CND, Cyprus, & the End of National Service
In 1958 Britain agreed to have American nuclear missile bases in the United Kingdom. Although the majority of the population appeared indifferent or did not understand the arrangement with the US, there was an emerging anti-nuclear mood. It was in this atmosphere that in 1958, CND, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament started.

It was too the year that Life Peers were created for the first time.

Vaughan Williams
Vaughan Williams

  • Born in Gloucestershire
  • Loved music from an early age
  • Encouraged by his parents and his school Charterhouse, he went on to study at the Royal College of Music under Stanford and then under Bruch in Berlin and Ravel in Paris
  • The Europeanism of Bruch and Ravel did not influence the very Englishness of his music
  • Thanks to Holst, he became deeply interested in English folk song, which he introduced to much of his work
  • His music stretched from his original major work Sea Symphony (not a symphony but a choral work) through opera, symphonies, ballet (Job) and film music including the score for Scott of the Antarctic

did you know?
In March 1958, debutantes were presented at Court for the last time.

Comments From Four Of The First Ladies To Sit In The House Of Lords In 1958

  • Lady Elliot of Harwood
    "I am enjoying it. It is great fun. Their Lordships are extremely kind to us."
  • Lady Ravensdale of Kedleston
    "I very much wonder what my father, Lord Curzon, would say about his daughter now, as he was so violently against the suffrage movement."
  • Lady Swanborough, dowager marchioness
    "I have not been to such an interesting school in my life. The House of Lords is a delicious place to be in. People move so slowly. Nobody runs down passages; nobody uses used envelopes; nobody does anything for himself if he can ask a gentleman with a gold chain to do it for him."
  • Baroness Wootton of Abinger
    "There are strongholds that have not yet been breached. We look forward to a far greater distinction than entry into the House of Lords, and that is entry for women into the Athenaeum Club."
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1953Hilary & Tensing reach the summit of Mount Everest
1955Eden succeeds Churchill as Prime Minister
1956 Suez Crisis
1957 Macmillan succeeds Eden Prime Minister
1958 The EEC begins
Life Peerages Act is passed
1959 Oil is discovered in the North Sea
1960 Cyprus and Nigeria become independent
1961 South Africa leaves the Commonwealth
1962The National Economic Development Council is formed
1963 The Profumo Affair
Macmillan resigns due to ill health
Alec Douglas-Home becomes Prime Minister

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