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2 Oct 2014
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This Sceptred Isle

The Suez Crisis
In 1956 Egypt's President Nasser nationalised the Suez Canal. America and Britain had refused his demands for money to build the High Dam. The Americans at least believed that Egypt's closeness to the USSR made such a request impossible. But the Americans were not willing to go to war over the canal; the British Prime Minister, Anthony Eden was. So was France. The Israelis were keen to attack Egypt from the East. Although Eden's own Cabinet was not entirely behind him (nor too were the chiefs of staff) Eden ordered the assault on the canal zone. The USA proposed a UN cease-fire. Britain and France accepted. The Suez Crisis demonstrated the danger of a Prime Minister obsessed and also the weakness of the transatlantic special relationship. It was an illusion. Eden, was in poor health and Suez led to his resignation and his replacement by Harold Macmillan.

Alexander Korda
Alexander Korda
Sir Alexander Korda

  • Born in Hungary Sir Alexander Korda became a film producer.
  • He worked first in Hungary and then in Venice, Berlin and Hollywood.
  • He became director of United Artists Corporations of America and Paris.
  • In 1932 he came to Britain and set up the Denham studios and London Film Productions.
  • After the war he worked out of Shepperton Studios.
  • He was the first film producer in Engand to be knighted.

did you know?
The Duke of Edinburgh Awards were introduced in 1956

Some British Medals In The 1956 Olympics In Melbourne

  • Derek Johnson 800m Silver
  • Gordon Pirie 5000m Silver
  • Derek Ibbotson 5000m Bronze
  • Chris Brasher 3000m steeplechase Gold
  • Thelma Hopkins High Jump Bronze
  • Judith Grinham 100m backstroke Gold
  • Terence Spinks Flyweight Boxing Gold
  • Gillian Sheen Fencing Gold
  • Alan Jackson Cycling Bronze
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1951 Attlee Labour government defeated and Churchill becomes Tory Prime Minister
The Festival of Britain begins
1952 George VI dies
1953 Elizabeth II crowned
1955 Eden succeeds Churchill as Minister
1956 Suez Crisis
1957 Macmillan succeeds Eden
1958 The EEC begins
Life Peerages Act is passed
1959 Oil is discovered in the North Sea
The Vietnam War begins
1960 Cyprus and Nigeria become independent
Macmillan's "wind of change" speech
1961 South Africa leaves Commonwealth
John Fitzgerald Kennedy becomes US President

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