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3 Oct 2014
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This Sceptred Isle

The Four Minute Mile, the H-Bomb, & Eden's Frustration
In 1954 Churchill continued to try and bring Russia and America to the negotiating table with little success. He called a meeting in Moscow without consulting his Cabinet. The Cabinet had had enough of Churchill making decisions without them. The government looked in danger of collapse and Eden badgered Churchill to resign and nominate him (Eden) as successor.

Nasser became Prime Minister of Egypt in 1954. He wanted the British to withdraw from the Suez Canal Zone. They signed an agreement undertaking to withdraw by 1956.

Sir Winston Churchill
Sir Winston Churchill
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill (1874-1965)

  • Sir Winston Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace.
  • He was the eldest son of Lord Randolph Churchill.
  • He was educated at Harrow and Sandhurst and joined the army aged 21.
  • He reported to London newspapers during the Boer War.
  • He became Conservative MP for Oldham in 1900 but because he opposed his Party policy on Free Trade, joined the Liberals in 1906.
  • He married Clementine Ogilvy Hozier in 1908 and she became his adviser and confidente.
  • She ended her days as Baroness Spencer- Churchill of Chartwell.
  • During the Great War he resigned over the Dardanelles incident and went to fight on the Western Front.
  • He was happiest as leader in a crisis i.e. during World War II and was not particularly interested in domestic affairs.
  • His one continuing belief was that Britain should retain her good relations with America at all costs.
  • He was offered a dukedom when he retired as Prime Minister in 1955 but turned it down to stay in the House of Commons.
  • His prodigious literary work included a four volume History of the English-speaking Peoples, a history of World War II and another of his ancestor, the Duke of Marlborough

did you know?
In 1954 Teddy Boys first appeared. They wore Edwardian frock coats, drainpipe trousers, sued shoes and sideburns and danced to rock 'n' roll.

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1948 Gandhi is assassinated
1949 NATO is formed
Ireland become independent
1950 Korean War breaks out
1951 Churchill becomes Prime Minister
The Festival of Britain begins
1952 George VI dies
1953 Elizabeth II crowned
Everest conquered by Hilary and tensing
1955 Eden succeeds Churchill as Tory Prime Minister
1956 Suez Crisis
1957 Eden resigns to be succeeded by Macmillan
1958 The EEC begins
Life Peerages Act is passed
1959 EFTA formed
North Sea oil discovered

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