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3 Oct 2014
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This Sceptred Isle


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This Sceptred Isle

King George the Fifth
In 1910 the Commons confronted the Lords. In 1909 the Lords had rejected the budget - this was the final straw for Asquith. He began to prepare the Parliament Bill. On May 6th Edward VII died and his son, George V became King. The Parliament Bill was presented to the Lords who rewrote it. Another General Election was unavoidable. The Liberals and the Conservatives won the same number of seats but the Labour and Irish National Parties, reluctantly, supported the Liberals. Asquith asked George V to create the peers he had agreed to earlier in the year in order to out-vote the Conservatives in the Lords. Parliament broke for Christmas before any decision to do so was made.

George V
George V
GEORGE V (1865-1936)

  • King of the United Kingdom and Emperor of India 1910 to 1936
  • As second son he did not expect to be King but the Duke of Clarence died in 1892 leaving his younger brother George as heir to the throne
  • Married Princess Mary of Tech in 1867
  • Joined the navy in 1877
  • An intelligent and thinking monarch
  • Responsible for changing the royal family name from Saxe-Coburg to Windsor after the First World War
  • Remembered for introducing Christmas broadcasts

did you know?
The first operation using an X-ray machine was performed in 1910.


  • H H Asquith - Prime Minister
  • Lloyd George - Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Augustine Birrell - Chief Secretary for Ireland
  • The Earl of Crewe - Colonial Secretary
Members of the Opposition:
  • Arthur Balfour
  • Austen Chamberlain
  • The Earl of Cawdor
  • The Marquis of Lansdowne
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1905Campbell-Bannerman becomes Prime Minister
The first motor buses are seen in London
The Piccadilly and Bakerloo tube lines open
1907 Anglo-Russian entente is formed
1908Campbell-Bannerman dies
Asquith becomes Prime Minister
1909 Old Age Pensions are introduced
1910George V becomes king
The Union of South Africa is established
1911 National Insurance Acts are passed
1912 Scott reaches the South Pole
Balkan War break out
1913Trade Union Act and Cat and Mouse Act are passed
1914 Irish Home Rule Act is passed
World War I starts
1915 Wartime coalition government is formed

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