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17 Sep 2014
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This Sceptred Isle

Queen Victoria as Empress of India
Queen Victoria as Empress of India
Empress of India
In 1877 Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India. The new viceroy the Earl of Lytton wrote to Victoria describing the scene on the Plain of Delhi where her title was proclaimed to "a vast concourse of native Princes and nobles from all parts of India". Disraeli was now in his seventies and was unwell.


  • First Earl of Lytton
  • Poet and diplomat
  • Born in London, educated at Harrow and Bonn
  • His Uncle was Henry Bulwer for whom he worked as a private secretary in 1849
  • A widely traveled diplomat, he served in Florence, Paris, the Hague, St Petersburg, Constantinople, Lisbon, Madrid, Vienna and Paris
  • Between 1876 and 1880 was Viceroy of India
  • In 1887 was sent as ambassador to Paris and died there

did you know?
Victoria's Crown, the Star of India is displayed with the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.


Windsor Castle, the twenty fourth of November, eighteen hundred and seventy five.

Received a box from Mr. Disraeli, with the very important news that the Government has purchased the Viceroy of Egypt's shares in the Suez Canal for four millions, which gives us complete security for India, and altogether places us in a very safe position! An immense thing. It is entirely Mr. Disraeli's doing.

Only three or four days ago I heard of the offer and at once supported and encouraged him, when at that moment it seemed doubtful, and then today all has been satisfactorily settled.

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1837Victoria becomes Queen
1859 Palmerston becomes Prime Minister
1861 Prince Albert dies
1865 Palmerston dies
Russell becomes Prime Minister
1868Disraeli becomes Prime Minister
Gladstone becomes Prime Minister
1870Franco-Prussian War
First Irish Land Act
1874 Disraeli becomes Prime Minister
1877 Victoria becomes Empress of India
1880 Gladstone becomes Prime Minister
1881 Disraeli dies
Second Irish Land Act
1885 Salisbury becomes Prime Minister
1887 Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee
1892Gladstone becomes Prime Minister
1894 Rosebery becomes Prime Minister
1895 Salisbury becomes Prime Minister
1897Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
1898 Gladstone dies
1899 Second Boer War breaks out
1901 Queen Victoria dies
Edward VII becomes king

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