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3 Oct 2014
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This Sceptred Isle

George IV and Caroline of Brunswick
The Prince of Wales' extravagance caused anxiety in Lord Liverpool's government. His marriage to Caroline of Brunswick was a complete failure. He described her as "the vilest wretch this world was ever cursed with." He absolved her of all marital duties. In July 1819 the Princess of Wales was accused of having an affair - a treasonable offence. Nothing could be proved. On George III's death in 1820, George IV insisted on Caroline's name being struck from the Church liturgy. Caroline appealed to the public. She became the wronged, George IV the wrongdoer.

Nothing would persuade Geroge to allow her presence at the coronation. On arrival at the Abbey the doors were slammed in her face. She retired and died at Hammersmith the next month aged 53.

George IV
George IV
GEORGE IV (1762-1830)

  • King of Great Britain and Ireland and King of Hanover 1820-1830
  • Eldest son of George III
  • Became Prince Regent in 1811
  • His stature in old age earned the nickname the Prince of Whales
  • Interested in art and architecture
  • Married Mrs Fitzherbert, a Catholic, in 1785 but officially married Caroline of Brunswick, whom he could not stand, in 1795
  • Had a daughter Charlotte (1796-1817)
  • Attempted to divorce Caroline
  • Excluded her from his coronation

did you know?
In the reign of George III court etiquette was simple. No one spoke unless the king spoke to them. They would then follow his conversation. Only the king could start a new topic and no one was expected to contradict him.

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1803The Napoleonic Wars begin
1792French Revolutionary Wars begin
1793 Britain enters the Wars
1801 Pitt the Younger resigns
1802 Napoleonic Wars begin
1805 Nelson is victorious but dies at Trafalgar
1810George III becomes insane
1815Battle of Waterloo end Napoleonic Wars
1820 George III dies
George IV becomes king
1821George IV excludes Queen Caroline from the coronation
1822Castlereagh commits suicide
1823 O'Connell forms the Catholic Association
1828Wellington becomes Prime Minister
1829Metropolitan Police is formed
1830George IV dies
William IV becomes king

Nicholas Hawksmoor
Sir John Vanbrugh
William Kent
Robert Adam
James Stuart
William Chambers
Horace Walpole

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