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3 Oct 2014
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1940 - 1959
Churchill to Castro

Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, and Evacuation
The Blitz hits London

Morale, Propaganda, and the U.S.A.
Japan attacks Pearl Harbour

The Atlantic Charter, India, and Women
Montgomery drives Rommel back into Libya at the battle of Alamein

The Turning of the Tide and the Beveridge Report
Sir William Beveridge presents his cradle-to-the-grave report on the future of social security

D-Day, Education, and the Birth of the U.N.
The school leaving age rises to 15

The End of the War and a Labour Landslide
An atomic bomb obliterates Hiroshima

Shortages, the National Health Bill, and the U.N. Meets
The National Health Service Bill proposes nationalising hospitals and surgeries to make their facilities available to everyone

A Harsh Winter and Independence for India
Much bloodshed as partition is rushed through Parliament

B.R., the N.H.S., and the Berlin Airlift
British pilots fly in food as the Soviets block off Berlin

The Republic of Ireland, the Farthing, and N.A.T.O.
Dockers strike forces devaluation of the pound

War in Korea and the European Debate
Communists march into South Korea

The Return of Churchill
The Dome of Discovery forms the centrepiece of the Festival of Britain

The Death of George the Sixth
Elizabeth becomes Elizabeth II

The New Elizabethan Age
Queen Elizabeth crowned at Westminster Abbey

Eden's Frustration
Eden badgers Churchill to resign

The Warsaw Pact and the Departure of Churchill
The Warsaw Pact is set up to counter NATO

The Suez Crisis
Prime Minister orders an assault on Egypt

Harold Macmillan Becomes P.M. and a Dog Goes Into Space
Britain gives the Americans nuclear missile bases in the UK

CND, Cyprus, and the End of National Service
The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament kicks off

Cuba, Cyprus, and the Russians Reach the Moon
The Cuban Missile Crisis brings the United States and the Soviet Union to the brink of war

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1940Churchill becomes Prime Minister
Rationing is introduced
Dunkirk evacuation
Battle of Britain
1941Germany invades the USSR
The Anglo-Soviet Treaty is signed
The Atlantic Charter is formed
1942The Beveridge Report is published
1944Butler's Education Act
1945Attlee becomes Prime Minister
World War II ends
1946National Health Act is passed
The United Nations is founded
1947India becomes independent
1948Gandhi is assassinated
1949NATO is formed
Republic of Ireland becomes independent
1950Korean War breaks out
1951Attlee Labour government defeated
Churchill becomes Prime Minister
Festival of Britain opens
1952George VI dies
1953Elizabeth II crowned
Stalin dies
Hilary and Tensing conquer Everest
1955Eden becomes Prime Minister
1956Suez Crisis
1957Macmillan becomes Minister
Treaty of Rome
1958EEC formed
Life Peerages Act is passed
1959North Sea oil discovered
EFTA formed
Oil is discovered in the North Sea
Vietnam War begins

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