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3 Oct 2014
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1760 - 1792
George III to the French Revolution

The End of the Seven Years War
Parliament negotiates peace at the Treaty of Paris but declares war on Spain

Grenville and the North Briton
The Prime Minister argues with the King

Stamp Act, Rockingham, Hargreaves and Jenny
British Americans declare loyalty to the King and Empire but deny the authority of Parliament over the colonies

Taxing the Colonies and Smuggling at Home
Life expectancy rises as sewers replace the habit of emptying chamber pots from upstairs windows

Captain Cook
James Cook sails to Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii

Window Taxes and Highway Robbery
Taxes double as the National Debt rises to £129million

Watt, Arkwright and Industrial Revolution
James Watt's steam engine provides a news source of power in factories and foundries

Lord North
Frederick North becomes Prime Minister

Warren Hastings and Who Owns India?
The first Governor-General of India is put on trial

American Independence
George Washington takes on George III

The End of Lord North
Frederick North resigns after losing the support of Parliament

The Irish and the American Revolution
Trade restrictions cause distress in Ireland

The First Madness of George III
The King falls ill

Pitt the Younger and Start of the French Revolution
William Pitt the Younger becomes Prime Minister

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1760George II dies
George III becomes king
Wolfe dies at Quebec
1761Pitt the Elder falls from power
1762Newcastle resigns
Bute becomes Prime Minister
1763Bute resigns
Grenville becomes Prime Minister
1765Rockingham becomes Prime Minister
Hargreaves invents the spinning jenny
1766Grafton becomes nominal Prime Minister
1768Royal Academy of Arts founded
1769Captain Cook lands at Tahiti
1770Lord North becomes Prime Minister
1773Boston Tea Party
1775American Revolution begins
1776American Declaration of Independence
1778Death of Pitt the Elder
France joins America against Britain
1782North resigns
Rockingham becomes Prime Minister
Rockingham dies
Shelburne becomes Prime Minister
1783Shelburne resigns
William Pitt the Younger becomes Prime Minister
1788George III becomes insane
1789French Revolution begins
George Washington becomes 1st President of the USA
1792French Revolutionary War begin

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