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3 Oct 2014
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1547 -1660
Edward VI to Cromwell

Rebellion, Executions and Common Prayer
Lady Jane Grey and her husband are sent to the Tower of London.

Bloody Mary and the Burning of Cranmer
Two hundred Protestants, including Thomas Cranmer, are burnt at the stake.

The Elizabethans
Elizabeth I is declared Supreme Governor of the English Church as England becomes Protestant by law.

The Spinster, the Hapsburg and the Scottish Widow
Parliament calls upon the Queen to marry.

Trading, Slaving, Piracy and the Spanish Armada
Drakes' fire ships destroy the Spanish Armada.

Essex, Ireland and Sturdy Beggar
A large army led by the Earl of Essex attempts to subdue a rebellion in Ireland.

King of the Scots Becomes King of the English
Guy Fawkes tries to blow up James I's Parliament.

A Damp Squib
Catholics are banned from living anywhere near London or holding public office.

The Death of Raleigh and the First King of Great Britain
James I imprisons Sir Walter Raleigh.

Charles I and the Right of an Englishman
The King dissolves Parliament.

The Scottish Revolt and the Seeds of Civil War
Supported by Parliament and the Puritans, the Scots invade and take Northumberland and Durham.

The King's on the Run
Civil War is inevitable as the Commons challenges Charles I's constitutional rights

The Civil War Begins
Charles I storms the Commons Chamber in an attempt to prosecute five MPs for treason, and England goes to war.

The Rise and Rise of Oliver Cromwell
Cromwell forms the New Model Army after defeating the Royalists in the bloodiest battle of the Civil War.

The First Redcoat and the Battle of Naseby
The Scots hand Charles I over to the English.

The Execution of Charles I
Cromwell becomes a dictator as Charles Stuart loses his head in the snow.

The Republic of England
The monarchy, the House of Lords and the Anglican Church are abolished.

The Lord Proctor
Parliament offers Cromwell the Crown.

The Beginning of the Restoration
The army demands the dissolution of Parliament.

The Beginning of Private Enterprise Industry
The people of London line the streets to welcome the triumphant Charles II.

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Voices of the Powerless

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1547Henry VIII dies
Edward VI becomes King of England and Ireland
Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, becomes lord Protector
1549Duke of Somerset is imprisoned by John Dudley, Earl of Warwick, later Duke of Northumberland
First Book of Common Prayer issued
1552Somerset is executed
1553Edward VI dies
Lady Jane Grey declared Queen but overthrown
Mary I crowned Queen of England
1554Lady Jane Grey is executed
Mary I marries Philip II of Spain
Princess Elizabeth is imprisoned in the Tower and later at Woodstock
1556Cranmer burned at the stake
1558England loses Calais to France
Mary I dies
Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England
1565Mary Queen of Scots marries Lord Darnley
1567Darnley is murdered and Mary marries Bothwell
Mary abdicates and James becomes VI of Scotland (later I of England)
1568Mary flees to England and is imprisoned
1570The Pope excommunicates Elizabeth I
1586Elizabeth I and James VI of Scotland sign the Treaty of Berwick acknowledging James VI as heir to the English throne
1587Execution of Mary Queen of Scots
1588The Spanish Armada is defeated
1589James VI of Scotland marries Anne of Denmark
1603Elizabeth I dies
James I becomes King of England
1604Peace is made with Spain
1605Gunpowder Plot
1612Prince Henry dies
1613Princess Elizabeth marries Frederick, Elector Palatine
1625James I dies
Charles I becomes King of England
Charles I marries Henrietta Maria of France
1626Parliament meets, impeaches Buckingham, is dissolved by Charles I
1627Expedition to La Rochelle
1628Buckingham assassinated
1629Charles I dissolves Parliament - Eleven Year Tyranny begins
Peace is made with France
1630Peace is made with Spain
1633Laud becomes Archbishop of Canterbury
1639First Bishops' War ends - Treaty of Berwick
1640Parliament recalled - The Short Parliament
Second Bishops' War ends - Treaty of Ripon
Long Parliament meets (-1653)
Strafford is impeached
1645New Model Army is established
Laud is executed
Use of the prayer book is forbidden
1646Charles I surrenders to the Scots
Receives propositions of Newcastle
1647Scots hand Charles I over to the English
1649Charles I is tried and executed
The monarchy and the House of Lords are abolished
The Commonwealth is declared.
1658Oliver Cromwell dies
1660Charles II signs the Declaration of Breda
Charles II is restored to the throne

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