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3 Oct 2014
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1087 - 1327
William II to Edward II

William Rufus and the First Crusade
William II is mysteriously shot by a stray arrow while hunting in the New Forest.

Henry I and the Scottish Kings
Scots claim territory as far south as Lancashire, as Scotland reaches the height of its powers.

Justice, Power and the Death of Henry
England faces turbulent times as Henry I is taken ill on a visit to France.

The Archbishop of York, King David I of the Scots, Henry I's bastard son, Robert of Gloucester, and his half sister Matilda head a huge rebellion.

Henry Plantagenet
Henry II strengthens central government's control over Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

The Law the Church and the Coming Tragedy
Henry II reorganises the legal system, to create juries and the Common Law.

The Archbishop of Canterbury escapes imprisonment for contempt of court and flees to Normandy.

Murder in the Cathedral
While in exile in Normandy, the Archbishop of Canterbury plans to excommunicate the King.

Penance, Rebellion and Ireland
Henry II dies heartbroken after being defeated in war by his son Richard.

Coeur de Lion
Richard the Lionheart ruthlessly taxes the nation to fund his crusade to rescue the Holy Land from the infidel.

The Third Crusade and the Death of the Lionheart
Duke Leopold of Austria sells Richard I to the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry VI, who demands a huge ransom.

Bad King John and the Loss of Normandy
John imprisons and murders his nephew Arthur, Prince of Brittany.

Magna Carta
The Barons and the English Church establish a law that even the King must not break.

The Barons' War
At the age of nine, Henry III inherits the throne of a country at Civil War.

Henry III
Richard the Marshal and Prince Llewellyn fight the King in the Welsh Marches and sack Shrewsbury.

Simon de Montfort
Edward I escapes from de Montfort.

A Day in the Life of 13th-Century England
The Statute of the Jewry bans Jews from owning land.

Chancery, Treasury and a 13th-Century Wedding Brawl
The King threatens to execute barons who refuse to fight for him.

The Welsh Wars and the Most-Feared Weapon
English mercenaries do battle in Wales.

The Maid of Norway and Robert the Bruce
William Wallace leads the Scots to victory at Stirling Bridge.

The King's Favourite and Bannockburn
Robert the Bruce defeats Edward II at Falkirk.

The Ghastly Execution
Edward II is murdered by his wife and her lover.

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1087William the Conqueror dies
William Rufus becomes king of England
Robert becomes II Duke of Normandy
1088Odo of Bayeaux challenged William Rufus on Robert's behalf
1093Donald III Bane, king of Scots
1097Edgar, king of Scots
1100William Rufus dies
Henry I becomes king of England
1101Treaty of Alton confirms Henry I as king of Englandand Robert as Duke of Normandy
1106Henry I defeats Robert at Tinchebrai and becomes Duke of Normandy
1107Alexander I becomes king of Scotland
1120Henry I's son and heir drowns, Matilda is heiress
1124David I becomes king of Scotland
1128Matilda marries Geoffrey of Anjou
1135Stephen I becomes king of England
1138Civil war begins. David I of Scots invades England
Robert of Gloucester supports Matilda's claim
1139Matilda arrives in England
1141Matilda and Robert of Gloucester defeat Stephen at Lincoln
1145Stephen is victorious at Farringdon
1152Henry Plantagenet marries Eleanor of Aquitaine
1153Malcolm IV, king of Scots
Henry Plantagenet is recognized as Stephen's heir
1154Stephen dies
Henry II becomes king
Nicholas Breakspear becomes Pope Adrian IV
1155Henry receives papal bull to conquer and rule Ireland
1162Thomas Becket becomes archbishop of Canterbury
1164Constitutions of Clarendon are issued
1165William I, the Lion, of Scots
1170Richard de Clare invades Ireland
1177Henry II's youngest son, John, is made lord of Ireland
1183Henry the Young King dies
1189Henry is defeated by his son Richard and Philip II Augustus of France
Richard I, the Lionheart, becomes king
1190Richard joined the Third Crusade
1192Richard is imprisoned in Germany
1194Richard returns to England
1199Richard dies while fighting in France
John I becomes king of England
1200John makes peace with France and marries Isabel of Angouleme
John marries Isabel of Angouleme
1203Arthur of Brittany is murdered
1204John loses French territories to Philip Augustus of France
1207John refuses to accept Stephen Langton as Archbishop of Canterbury
Papal interdict is imposed on England
1213John offers the Pope England as a fiefdom
1214Alexander II, king of Scots
1215Barons force John to accept Magna Carta
1216John dies
Henry III becomes king of England
William the Marshal becomes regent
1217Louis (VIII) defeated at the Battle of Lincoln
1219William the Marshal dies
1221Alexander II, king of Scots marries Joan, daughter of King
1236Henry III marries Eleanor of Provence
1238Simon de Montfort marries Henry III's sister, Eleanor
1249Alexander III, king of Scots
1258Provisions of Oxford
1259Provisions of Westminster
1264Second Barons' War
1265De Montfort dies at Battle of Evesham
1271Henry III dies
Edward I becomes king
Marco Polo goes to China
1272Henry III dies
Edward I becomes king
1274Edward returns from his Crusade and is crowned king
1277Edward begins his campaign in Wales
1282Llewellyn, Prince of North Wales dies at Builth
1283Edward I conquers Wales, Statute of Wales
1290Edward expels Jews from England
1291Edward arbitrates over Scottish succession
1292John Balliol, king of Scots
1296Edward begins his campaign in Scotland
1306Robert I, the Bruce, king of Scotland
1307Edward I dies
Edward II becomes king
1314English defeated at Bannockburn
1318Edward II regains England and the Despensers rise to power
1322Edward II defeats the Marcher lords and the Lancastrians
Thomas of Lancaster is executed
1326Queen Isabella and Mortimer invade England
1327Edward II is deposed
Edward III becomes king
Isabella & Mortimer govern Scots invade England

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