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Begins Tuesday 30 September 2003, 3.00-3.30 p.m

Sue Cook presents the series that examines listeners' historical queries, exploring avenues of research and uncovering mysteries.

Email the programme with your questions.

Listen to the latest programme after broadcast.

PROGRAMME 13: 23 December 2003
* Bruce Bairnsfather – creator of the Old Bill cartoons
* The Great Bed of Ware
* The Battle of Waterloo boxer heroes – remembered in a Nottinghamshire churchyard
* Coal and wine tax posts – in a ring around London

PROGRAMME 12: 16 December 2003
Early 20th century submarines. * Daisy Dormer - music-hall star.
* Kurt - the German bouncing bomb.
* Roman roads - what the Romans called the roads they built in Britain.
* Early submarines - what it was like to serve on them

PROGRAMME 11: 9 December 2003
Bath Stone. * Sawney Bean – the Scottish cannibal
* The Slapton Sands incident – the Exercise Tiger disaster, 1944
* Farnham Royal – how it got its Royal tag
* Bath stone – the stone that created Bath

PROGRAMME 10: 2 December 2003
R100 airship. * Wicked Ernest – a royal scandal in 1810
* Adolf Hitler in Liverpool – was he ever there?
* The Scottish monasteries – were they dissolved in the 16th century?
* The Battle of Corunna and the army’s new boots

PROGRAMME 9: 25 November 2003
R100 airship. * Brighton viaduct wartime bombing
* Potato Jones, the Welsh gun-runner in the Spanish Civil War
* What happened to the R100? – the rival to the ill-fated R101
* Why would a Victorian have a foreign passport?
* Follow-up item on Winifred Atwell’s other piano

PROGRAMME 8: 18 November 2003
Sir John Moore, hero of Corunna. * Winifred Atwell’s ‘other’ piano – the popular star of the fifties
* French émigrés at St Pancras – Catholics who fled the French Revolution
* The creation of MI5
* The Battle of Corunna in the Peninsular War

PROGRAMME 7: 11 November 2003
Madame Tussaud. * Isaac Ewer, regicide – one of the signatories to Charles I’s death warrant
* Madame Tussaud and wax sculpture
* The history of passports
* The Wavy Navy – the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve

PROGRAMME 6: 4 November 2003
Bayeux Tapestry detail. * The sinking of the M/S Pilsudski – a Polish troop ship mined in 1939
* Robert FitzRoy – the father of weather forecasting
* Havering Palace – a royal house in Essex
* Hundred rolls and the Liber Niger – mediaeval documents and their uses

PROGRAMME 5: 28 October 2003
Stained glass window. * The firing of Breadsall church – were suffragettes responsible?
* Overarm bowling in cricket – who invented it?
* Mummers’ plays – the origins of the traditional folk drama
* BC and AD, and the 24-hour day – when were they introduced?

PROGRAMME 4: 21 October 2003
King John. * King John’s treasure – how it came to be lost in the Wash
* Blenheim bombers crashed in France in June 1940
* The Goodwin Sands – who were they named after?
* The Chatterley explosion – a mining accident in 1870

PROGRAMME 3: 14 October 2003
George Orwell. * The Gawcott uprising – a farmworkers’ strike over low wages in 1867
* The Charfield train crash, 1928
* George Orwell’s grave – why was he buried in Oxfordshire?
* Cotton machine fitters working in Tsarist Russia

PROGRAMME 2: 7 October 2003
Richard the Lionheart.* The end of the highwaymen
* The Battle of Knocknanuss, 1647
* The Senghenydd colliery disaster, 1913
* The ‘Red Arches’ viaduct on Hampstead Heath

PROGRAMME 1: 30 September 2003
Richard the Lionheart.* Edward Bransfield, 19th-century sea captain and Antarctic explorer
* A German seaplane over Dorset in 1940
* George Hudson, the railway king
* Richard the Lionheart’s death in France

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Sue Cook
Sue Cook studied psychology, English, sociology and archaeology at Leicester University. She was part of the team that presented the hugely successful early evening magazine programme Nationwide on BBC1.

She went on to present BBC's Crimewatch before moving to Channel Four where she introduced Collector's Lot.

Her involvement with Radio Four is long standing where she, of course, now presents Making History

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