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Vanessa Collingridge and the team answer listener’s historical queries and celebrate the way in which we all ‘make’ history.
Making History
For details of programmes from April 2009 onwards, visit the new Making History episode page.
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Balbo's Italian Air Armada - A Fleet Of Flying-Boats In The 1930s
Banknote Engravers – And Their Secret Work In Wartime.
Barbary Corsairs, The
Barber-Surgeons, The
Barrow Mump
Bath Stone – The Stone That Created Bath
Battle Of Corunna And The Army’s New Boots, The
Battle Of Corunna In The Peninsular War, The
Battle Of Great Severn – Colonial America And The English Civil War , The
Battle Of Knocknanuss, 1647, The
Battle Of Waterloo Boxer Heroes – Remembered In A Nottinghamshire Churchyard, The
Bavarian Chapel, Warwick Street, London W1
Bayeux Tapestry In Reading, The
BC And AD, And The 24-Hour Day – When Were They Introduced?
Belvederes - The Look-Out Towers Of Maldon. Watching For Ships From An Essex Port
Benedict Arnold - Hero Or Traitor In The American Wars Of Independence
Benin Expedition Of 1897. A Sorry Chapter In British Imperial History , The
Berwick Upon Tweed House
Bicycle - Tyres, Pedals And Chains, The
Big Bertha - The Big Howitzer Used By The Germans To Attack Liège In W.W.1.
Big Pit: National Mining Museum Of Wales - Candidate For Museum Of The Year
Billy Butlin’s 1960 Walk
Billy Marshall - The Scottish King Of The Gypsies
Bisley Boy – The Tale Of A Boy Said To Have Been Substituted For Queen Elizabeth I, The
Blenheim Bombers Crashed In France In June 1940
Blue And White Pottery
Blue Ribbon Army – The Temperance Movement Imported From America, The
Bogus Curate Of Talland – Why Couples Married Twice In The Early 1800s, The
Bones For Fertiliser
Born In A Gaol - Prison Records
Boudicca’s Last Battle – The Site Of Her Final Defeat By The Romans.
Breakwater Fort, Plymouth - The Palmerston Battery At The Mouth Of The Sound, The
Breast Hole At Tean Hall Mill, The
Brick Tax, The
Brighton Camp – The 1795 Mutiny
Brighton Viaduct Wartime Bombing
British Assault On Finland
British Militia – And Why The Rutland Militia Were Based At Winchester In 1805 , The
British Museum Lottery, 1753 - The Scandalous Lottery That Launched The National Treasure House, The
Broad Gauge Railway – And Castle Hill Station On The Wycombe Line
Broch Man
Brochs - Iron Age Buildings In Scotland
Bronowski’s Bricks – The Smokeless Fuel Pioneered By The Famous Scientist, Academic And Broadcaster
Bruce Bairnsfather – Creator Of The Old Bill Cartoons
Brunel At Abermawr
Brunel’s Atmospheric Railway
Burning Boats At Gravesend - Symbolism Or Hooliganism?
By Jingo - The Origin Of The Expression

Caledonian Forest, The
Canadian Spitfire Pilot Louis Cochand And RAF Holmsley South
Cappers' Guild - In 16th-Century Coventry, The
Captain James Weddell – 19th-Century Antarctic Explorer
Captain Jean-Jacques Lucas.
Captain Pugwash And The Concertina
Caroline Chisholm – 'The Emigrant’s Friend'
Cartography Of 18th And 19th Century Sealers And Whalers
Carved Stone Balls Of Aberdeenshire, The
Chancel Repair Liability
Charfield Train Crash, 1928, The
Chariot - The First War Machine, The
Charles Atlas (1893 - 1972). The World's Most Perfectly Developed Man?
Charles Darwin – And How Mid-Victorian Britain Reacted To His Revolutionary Ideas.
Charles Miller - The Father Of Brazilian Football?
Chatterley Explosion – A Mining Accident In 1870, The
Children Strafed By Enemy Planes In World War Two
Children's Newspapers
Church Lads' Brigade
City Of Truro Or Flying Scotsman - Which Was The First To Reach 100mph?
Civil War Camp Followers
Clara Grant, The Bundle Woman Of Bow
Coal And Wine Tax Posts – In A Ring Around London
Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum – The Victorians And Madness., The
Colonel Józef Beck - The Polish Foreign Minister Who Negotiated With Neville Chamberlain
Colossus Of Rhodes – Did It Really Stand Astride The Island’s Main Harbour?, The
Common Graves
Concealed Garments
Conkers - Why They Were Collected For Use In Two World Wars
Convict Transportation From India
Cornish Coats Of Arms
Cornish Wrecking
Coronation Park, Dartmouth – A Ships’ Graveyard
Cotton Famine - The Crisis In The Lancashire Cotton Industry In The 1860s., The
Cotton Machine Fitters Working In Tsarist Russia
Count Gustave Batthyany – Why He Gave Bridlington A Lifeboat In The 1860s.
Countess Of Huntingdon’s Connexion – Founder Of A Branch Of Methodism. , The
Coventry Road Transport Museum - Candidate For Museum Of The Year
Crane Park And The Gunpowder Plot
Creation Of MI5, The
Cro-Magnon Man
Cro-Magnons – Where Did This Early Prehistoric People Come From?, The
Croydon Typhoid Outbreak Of 1937
Cycle Corps - On Your Bike To The Boer War, The

Halifax Slasher, The
Halls Of Science
Hallsville - The Origin Of The Name Of An Area Of London's Dockland
Hampshire Tobacco Farming
Hampton Court Conference 1604
Hanseatic Cog – Medieval Tramp Ship, The
Happisburgh Man
Harbin China
Hartley Colliery Disaster Of 1862., The
Havering Palace – A Royal House In Essex
Health And 18th-Century Country Houses – How Accurate Are TV Costume Dramas?
Hearth Tax And Window Tax – Two Long Gone Ways Of Raising Revenue.
Hebridean Connections
Hector Protector - The Origin Of The Nursery Rhyme
Hellfire Club Of Dublin, The
Henry 'Inky' Stephens - The Inventor Of Blue-Black Ink
Henry Morton Stanley – The Background He Tried To Hide
Hexham Massacre – 51 Deaths As Militia Opened Fire., The
Hidden Treasures - The Pitt Rivers Museum In Oxford
Hidden Treasures In The British Museum
Hidden Treasures Of St Andrew's, Wiveliscombe
Hiding Places
Highland Clearances – A Victim Culture?, The
Highland Controversy, The
Highwayman Known As "Brockley Jack", The
Hiram Codd - The Man Whose Bottles Revolutionised Fizzy Drinks.
Hiring Fairs – Forerunners Of Job Centres
History In Schools
History In Schools
History Of A House
History Of Church Spires, The
History Of Passports, The
History Of Smoking
History Of Speedway, The
HMS Bulwark And HMS Princess Irene - How They Exploded In W.W.1.
HMS Condor – The Sloop That Disappeared In The Pacific Off Canada
HMS Montague – The Battleship That Went Aground On Lundy Island
Holidays With The Third Reich
Homeopathy As An ‘Alternative’ Medicine
Horsehoes - Who First Thought Of Shoeing A Horse?
House History - A Victorian Shooting Lodge
How Depressed Were The 1930s?
Huddersfield Workhouse Scandal., The
Hull Friary And Baltic Timber - Why Did Medieval England Import Wood To Make Coffins?
Hundred Rolls And The Liber Niger – Mediaeval Documents And Their Uses
Hungary Dismembered – The Trianon Effect, 1920
Husker Pit Disaster, 1838 - Why 26 Children Died, The
Ladies Bridge, The
Lady Godiva
Lady Godiva Of Coventry - The Legend And Its Observance.
Lambin Warrin
Land Reclamation On The North Norfolk Coast – Why Cley Isn’t ‘Next-The-Sea’
Last English King To Die In Battle, The
Last Game At Highbury
Lee Gap Horse Fair - Could This Be The Oldest Fair In The Country? , The
Left Wing/Right Wing - The Origin Of The Political Terms
Leigh Park Housing Estate, Hampshire
Lewes Bonfire Night And Its Anti-Catholic Origins.
Lieutenant Colonel L’Etsrange Malone MP.
Lieutenant Stillwell At Waterloo – A Green Jackets Officer Who Died In Battle
Life In London After The Romans
Lilian Lancaster, Victorian Cartographer
Lillian Lancaster
Liver Birds, The
Liverpool Overhead Railway, The
Llanelli Riots Of 1911 – Troops Killed 2 Bystanders., The
Local History Hero - Barry Williamson In Bristol
Local History Hero - Brian Davies Of Pontypridd Museum
Local History Hero - David Butcher, Chronicler Of The Lowestoft Fishing Industry
Local History Hero - Gwyn Griffiths Of Pontypridd
Local History Hero - Gwyn Griffiths Of Pontypridd
Local History Hero - Neville Hortop In Conwy
Local History Hero - Rob Orland And Son Stephen In Coventry
Local History Hero - Brian Lambie, Founder Of Seven Museums In Biggar
Local History Hero - Jasper Blake, Creator Of Cinderbury Iron Age Farm
Local History Hero - Jim Walker And The Forth Railway Bridge Memorial Campaign
Lodz Ghetto, Part 2, The
Lollards Of Amersham - 16th-Century Religious Dissenters, The
London Gazette - The History Of The Official Newspaper Of Record. , The
London's Fish Business
London's Underground Rivers
Long Polish Walk, The
Lord Palmerston And Queen Victoria – Why She Never Liked Him
Lost Villages On The South Downs
Lulu The Clown
Lunar Society , The

Sable Island
Sack Of Constantinople (1204) – Why The Crusade Turned On A Christian City, The
Sake Deen Mahomed – The Indian Who Made His Fortune Massaging Regency Aristocratic Muscles.
Samuel Cody - Forgotten Pioneer Of British Aviation History
Samuel Morland (1625-95) – Inventor And Spy
Sarah Kaye – Survivor Of The First Daylight Air Raid
Sawney Bean – The Scottish Cannibal
Saxon Primary School
Scottish Monasteries – Were They Dissolved In The 16th Century?, The
Sea Scouts On Coastal Watch
Search For ‘A Great Castle At Killingholme’ In North Lincolnshire, The
Seaside Landladies
Seaweed Industry Of South Uist
Second World War Defences
Senghenydd Colliery Disaster, 1913, The
Shackleton’ S Endurance Expedition 1914-1917 – Was Chippy Mcneish An Unrecognised Hero?
Shanghai Defence Force, 1927 – The Army That Went Out East
Sheffield And The Longitude Problem
Shopping In The Middle Ages
Short History Of Spam, A
Short History Of The Apple, A
Short Trousers For Boys - How Did The Fashion Come About?
Short-Lived British Colony Designed As A Whaling Station., The
Sigismund Rentzsch - 19th-Century Watchmaker.
Sinking Of Duchess Of Buccleuch, 1842, The
Sinking Of HMS Artemis, 1971 - The Submarine That Went Down In Gosport Harbour, The
Sinking Of HMS Royal George, The
Sinking Of The M/S Pilsudski – A Polish Troop Ship Mined In 1939, The
Sinking Of The SS Daphne On The Clyde, 1883, The
Sinking Of The SS Waratah In 1909, The
Sinking Of The Wilhelm Gustloff – The Worst Maritime Disaster In History , The
Sir Herbert Jekyll - Brother Of The Landscape Gardener Gertrude Jekyll
Sir John Blundell Maple - Victorian Furniture Entrepreneur
Sir John Cass - The Seventeenth-Century London Businessman And Philanthropist..
Sir John Tiptoft
Sir Joseph Williamson, Charles II’s Secretary Of State.
Sir Loin - A Joint Of Beef Knighted By James VI And I.
Sir Seretse Khama - First President Of Botswana
Skull And Cross Bones
Slapton Sands Incident – The Exercise Tiger Disaster, 1944, The
Slavery And The Monmouth Rebellion
Smallpox Hospital At Grays – And Why It Was Soon Abandoned, The
Smallpox Isolation Ships On The River Thames
Snapshots From The Home League
Socialist Sunday Schools
South Africa's 1820 Settlers
Southall Film Studios
Spanish Armada And The Origins Of The 'Black Irish', The
Spanish Armada, The
Spartacus - The Story Of The Rebel Gladiator
Special Extended Online Slavery Discussion
Sporting Memorials
SS Petriana – The Oil-Tanker That Caused An Oil Spill In Australia In 1903
SS Rostock - The German Hospital Ship Arrested In The Weeks After D-Day., The
SS Strathallan - The Troopship Torpedoed With 4,000 Aboard
St Augustine At Long Compton In Warwickshire
St Brice’s Day Massacre, 1002 - Ethnic Cleansing Of Danes In England, The
St Pancras
Star Carr
Star Of Bethlehem, The
Steventon Causeway
Stonehenge And Other Pre-Historic Sites .
Storage Problems In Our Museums
Stratford Martyrs - The 13 Protestants Who Were Burnt At The Stake, The
Super-Cyclist Tommy Godwin
Sweating Sickness - The Epidemic Which Killed Thousands In Tudor Times., The
Swinton Industrial School - How Paupers Were Educated In 19th-Century Manchester, The
Sword-Bearers At Agincourt

Waler Diana, The
Wallace The Lion And Travelling Menageries
Wartime Evacuation In Gibraltar – Why Evacuees Went To Casablanca
Wartime Potato-Picking - Schoolchildren Involved In Agricultural Activities
Water Towers
Wavy Navy – The Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, The
Wellington’s Surgeon-General – Sir James Mcgrigor.
Whalebone And Corsets. Industry That Changed The Shape Of The Body.
Whaling In Poole
What Became Of Republicans After The Spanish Civil War?
What Happened To The R100? – The Rival To The Ill-Fated R101
Whatever Happened To Roman Roads?
When Did The Great War End?
Where Is King Harold Buried?
Whitaker Wright
White Slavery In The Western Isles
Whittlesea Straw Bear.
Who Drained The Fens?
Who Owns Common Land
Who Were The Jutes?
Whore Harbour,
Why Is Northumbria Not In The Domesday Book?
Why Would A Victorian Have A Foreign Passport?
Wicked Ernest – A Royal Scandal In 1810
Wickham Psychiatric Hospital
Wife-Selling - In The 18th Century.
Wild Humphrey Kynaston - The Cave Dwelling Highwayman.
William Blake’s Grave And The Old Dissenters’ Burial Ground In London.
William Blyth - The Paglesham Smuggler
William George Manley
William Hirst - Leeds Woollen Industry Pioneer
William Walker, The Winchester Diver
Winchester Cathedral
Wine Growing In Britain
Winifred Atwell’s ‘Other’ Piano – The Popular Star Of The Fifties
Winifred Spooner
Woad (Isatis Tinctoria)
Woking Invalid Prison, The
Woking Mosque - The First Purpose-Built Mosque In Britain.
Women Of Whitby - Were They Skilled Navigators?
Women’s Timber Corp, The
Women's Library, The
Workhouses And Poorhouses Of 19th-Century Britain, The
World War One Medals Online - How To Find Out What Your Ancestor Did In The Great War
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