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You & Yours: Face The Facts Updates

Face the Facts is Radio 4's investigative series looking at consumer and social stories from the UK. Throughout the year You & Yours continues to follow the stories with updates and developments as they occur.

Listen below to the latest updates to the Face the Facts reports.

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Radioactive Legacy

After radioactive particles cause the closure of a beach at a pretty bay in Fife, John Waite investigates the hazardous waste buried and forgotten by the Ministry of Defence.
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You & Yours Update 23/05/2012

Another MOD site will be examined for radioactive contamination, linked to the use of glow-in-the-dark paint in Second World War aircraft.
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Chris Reynard, the man behind Skiing Europe

John Waite examines why schools across the UK have been left without the skiing trips they paid for. He speaks to the schools, parents and councils left to pick up the pieces and he investigates the business behind the trips.
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You & Yours Update 08/07/2011

Schools who missed out the skiing trips they paid Skiing Europe for are unlikely to get their money back as the firm's insurance policy has been withdrawn.
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You & Yours Update 22/07/2011

The police have arrested a 70 year old man in connection with allegations of fraud at the Devon based travel company Skiing Europe.
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Losing out to Lehman's

When the Wall Street bank Lehman Brothers collapsed in September 2008, thousands of UK investors were shocked to learn that the financial products they had bought from other companies were tied up with the humbled financial giant. Many of those who now stand to lose their life savings had never been told their investments were backed by Lehman Brothers. Now they want their money back, claiming they had no idea that their capital could be at risk.
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You & Yours Update 13/10/2010

Why 4000 UK investors who bought financial products backed by the failed bank Lehman Brothers have been told they won't be compensated.
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Money To Burn

Firefighters need the right equipment and back up if they are going to save lives. But millions of pounds have been spent on state of the art control rooms that may never be used, fire engines that are so heavy they can't be driven at speed and a fire training house - that caught fire. Just some of the costly procurement decisions made on behalf of fire and rescue services across Britain - but paid for by us.
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You & Yours Update Fire Service 23/09/2010

A fire brigade is wasting tax payer's money employing two people to do the same job
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You & Yours Update - Fire Engines 13/09/2010

Brand new fire engines that cost around a half million pounds but keep breaking down. Why don't they work? More than a milion pounds worth of fire fighting equipment around the country is standing idle.
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You & Yours Update - Financial waste at Fire control centres 21/09/2010

Another £85 million is being spent to make sure the fire brigades control centres can talk to each other. More than four hundred million has already been wasted on new fire control centres.
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Fraud In France

A British man who swindled ex-pats in the Dordogne out of almost two million pounds was convicted of fraud by a French court in June 2009 and sentenced to two years in prison. So where is he now?
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You & Yours Update - Graham Templeton Interview 02/08//2010

John Waite finally interviews the fraudster, Graham Templeton, who stole money from ex-pats in France and whose crimes John first reported in Face the Facts last January. Graham Templeton who stole almost £2 million after operating as a financial advisor in France has been arrested and has begun serving his sentence.
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You & Yours Update - Templeton sent to jail 01/03/2010

Graham Templeton who stole almost £2 million after operating as a financial advisor in France has been arrested and has begun serving his sentence.
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You & Yours Update - Compensation for victims 12/04/2010

Ex-Pats who lost nearly two million Euros to a conman are being offered some of their money back.
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High Rise - Low Safety

The deaths of six people in a tower block fire in London in July 2009 have revealed poor to non-existent fire safety standards in some similar residential buildings
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You & Yours Update - Fire Service College broke fire safety laws 11/03/2010

Fire service trainers failed to do mandatory risk assessment.
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You & Yours Update - Camberwell Fire 26/09/2010

Two years after six people died in a fire at Lakanal House in South London, relatives are still awaiting a full explanation of what went wrong.
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Miracle Babies

Gilbert Deya was the subject of a 'Face the Facts' investigation in 2004. Women attending his services were told they would have children, with their so-called miracle babies later 'born' away from prying eyes in Nairobi.

You & Yours Update - Miracle babies preacher still in the UK 01/04/2010

The self-styled archbishop who claimed he could help infertile women become pregnant through the power of prayer is still in London despite the Home Secretary ordering his extradition to Kenya in 2007.
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You & Yours Update - 'Miracle Babies preacher to be extradited 21/09/2010

A preacher who claimed he could make infertile women pregnant is to be sent back to his homeland of Kenya to face child abduction charges.
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Payment Holiday

John Waite investigated the payment processing company which refused to pass on vast sums of money from customers who bought holidays online, undermining the balance sheets of struggling travel firms.
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You & Yours Update - New details emerge on the missing money 09/04/2010

E-Clear's been blamed for bringing down Scotland's biggest airline by failing to pass on millions paid by customers who booked flights online. Now some of E-Clear's partners could face legal action.
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You & Yours Update - E-Clear Update 06/06/2010

The Serious Fraud Office is believed to have launched a formal investigation into the activities of E-Clear, the payment processing company blamed for the collapse of Scotland's biggest airline. FlyGlobespan collapsed with £35 million paid by customers for flights and holidays withheld by E-Clear which had processed the transactions. John Waite confronts E-Clear's sole director.
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