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Care in the UK 2010

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Three quarters of us are likely to need some form of social care during our retirement, and thousands of younger disabled people are already requiring social care, according to a recent White Paper. Many thousands of others are affected in their role as a carer.

Radio 4's Care in the UK season looks at the costs of care and asks who should pay. Listen to the latest Care in the UK updates below.

Listen to all the items in our Care Season

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley.

Care in the UK 03/12/2010

The Health Secretary Andrew Lansley responds to your questions on social care.
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Hospital Care 02/12/2010

A new report by the Patients Association describes poor standards of care for some old people in hospital and calls for a shake up of the service.
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Care and Immigration 01/12/2010

Care industry fears limits on non EU workers will make one-to-one care unsustainable.
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Care Home Business 29/11/2010

With an ageing population investors have long seen care homes as a long term route to an easy profit, but could that now be changing?
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Professor Chris Melhuish and the BERT robot.

Robot Care 26/11/2010

How might robots help ease the burden of care in the future? We hear from the Bristol Robotics Lab and Geckosystems about the technologies they are developing.
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New Carers Strategy for England 1 25/11/2010

Extra money for GP's to spot Carers, and support to help them stay in work. Guests Paul Burstow, Care Services Minister.
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A person being comforted.

Care Personalisation 24/11/2010

You and Yours has discovered that some older and disabled people are having their Personal Budgets cut, leaving their needs unmet.
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Cross-cultural care 22/11/2010

What happens when different cultures meet in a care home ... most often when the majority of residents were born in Britain and a significant number of their carers come from abroad?
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The Cooker Minder developed by the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME).

Technology and Care 19/11/2010

We investigate the new technologies which might reduce the cost of care and allow people to remain independent in their own homes for longer.
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Self Funding 18/11/2010

In the latest part of our Care in the UK series we try to navigate the maze of self funding.
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Disabled Facility Grants 17/11/2010

Why some people are facing long waits to get adaptations made to their homes.
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A man eating a meal in a care home.

How would you improve social care? 16/11/2010

On the day the government publishes its Vision for Social Care we hear your views and Care Minster Paul Burstow outlines the new changes.
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Shared Lives 15/11/2010

A small care scheme has been judged to be the UK's best. The Shared Lives programme, run by the National Association of Adult Placement Schemes, involves ten thousand home based carers.
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Personalised Care Budgets 12/11/2010

The benefits of using personalised care budgets for leisure activities.
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A goat.

Animal Therapy 11/11/2010

Does animal therapy really improve the lives of people with dementia?
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A patient having their blood pressure measured.

Social Care and the NHS 10/11/2010

How can social services and the NHS work better together?
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Care in the UK 08/11/2010

Andrew Dilnot the man tasked with cracking the problem of how we pay for social care joins us for the launch of Care in the UK 2010. We are joined by Lord Lipsey, who sat on the 1997 Royal Commission on social care, Richard Jones President ADASS which represents directors of social care in England, and Agnes Fletcher from the disability charity RADAR. BBC Social Affairs Correspondent Gillian Hargreaves fills in the political history and Julian Worricker speaks to people currently receiving care. And we have the results of a You and Yours/ BBC Local Radio Poll which reveals just how much we know about care.
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Care Conference 03/11/2010

Local Government is warning that pressures on adult care services budgets mean people will have to settle for care provided in their homes, rather than in nursing homes or day centres.
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Care Resources

A couple at the beach.

Details of organisations who can provide expert advice on the provision of care in the UK.
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Also on the BBC

A poll commissioned by BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme and BBC Local Radio, shows that 82% of people don't think it's fair to sell their homes to fund care. What would be a fairer system?

Read what our audience had to say. Note: this thread is now closed.
Have your Say: How should social care be paid for?.

On Tuesday 23rd November 5 Live's morning phone in programme – Your Call – asked, why do we treat the elderly so badly?
Your Call: Why do we treat the elderly so badly?

Other programmes across Radio 4 and across the BBC are also involved including File on Four, The Food Programme, Moneybox Live and the Afternoon Play.

Care in the UK 2008: In January 2008 You and Yours took a month long look at the world of social care.

Care of the Elderly: Jon Manel has compiled a series of special reports for the Today programme based on listener's stories and your concerns.

Living Longer: A special report by BBC local radio on the problems of an ageing population.

BBC Headroom – Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia: Learn more about the symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer's disease by downloading our factsheets.

Understanding Alzheimer's Factsheet. (736 Kb - Adobe Acrobat is required to download PDF files).

Understanding Dementia Factsheet. (982 Kb - Adobe Acrobat is required to download PDF files).

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