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Charlotte Ashton first came to the World Tonight ten years ago as a researcher before temporarily leaving the BBC to write for the Guardian newspaper.

After a couple of years back at the World Tonight, this time as a producer, Charlotte took up her first television reporter job at Revealed - the BBC News programme for teenagers on BBC 2, Radio 1 and Online. She reported on a variety of issues facing young people today - from mobile phone addiction, to male eating disorders. She also co-presented The Surgery on Radio 1. She says making sense of the credit crunch for a teenage audience was one of the trickiest challenges of her career, and interviewing gold medal-winning diver Tom Daley at the top of a 10m diving board was a terrifying highlight!

Charlotte's next move was to BBC Newsgathering, reporting for the News Channel and BBC Breakfast television as well as BBC Radio 4, 2 and 5 Live. Back again at the World Tonight, Charlotte has reported from around the UK, focusing primarily on social affairs. Her reports from Malawi and Ghana for a special edition of the World Tonight on the future of agriculture in Africa, won a Diageo Africa Business Reporting Award in 2011.

You can follow Charlotte on Twitter @ceashton

Paul Moss began his career in the Midlands, working in Birmingham, and then serving as Penzance Correspondent for Westcountry Television.

He came to BBC Radio Four in 1997, as a reporter for World at One and PM, and then moved to The World Tonight three years later. Since then he has broadcast from all around the world, including extensive reporting on the conflict in the Middle East and from the United States, where he covered the aftermath of September 11th, as well as the political and cultural developments that followed.

In 2006, Paul won the Foreign Press Association's award for Environment Story of the Year for his reports on the environmental impact of India's economic growth.

Long before he began travelling for work, Paul spent much of his life hauling a backpack around various parts of the world. He still travels for pleasure when he can, and has written for the BBC's News website as well as The Guardian, New Statesman and The Erotic Review.

You can follow Paul on Twitter @bbcpaulmoss

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