The Reith Lectures 2010 About Professor Martin Rees

Professor Martin Rees


Professor Martin Rees presents the 62nd series of The Reith Lectures.

He is President of the Royal Society, Astronomer Royal, and Master of Trinity College, Cambridge and in 2005 was nominated to the House of Lords as a Cross Bench Peer.

Martin Rees' current research deals with cosmology and astrophysics, especially gamma ray bursts, galactic nuclei, black hole formation and radiative processes and also cosmic structure formation, especially the early generation of stars and galaxies that formed at the end of the cosmic dark ages' more than 12 billion years ago relatively shortly after the "Big Bang".

He studied at Cambridge University, and then held post-doctoral positions At Cambridge, California and Princeton before becoming a Professor at Sussex University.

In 1973, he became a fellow of King's College and Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy at Cambridge, a post he held for eighteen years. For ten years, he was director of Cambridge's Institute of Astronomy. He has worked and travelled extensively overseas and has won many awards for his research.

Apart from his specialised writing, he has written many general articles, and several books, including 'Before the Beginning' , 'Just Six Numbers', Our Final Century' and (just published) 'Gravity's Fatal Attraction'.

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