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Single women seeking IVF; Marrying the same man again; Feminism and the tweenager


Conversations from the Listening Project are broadcast on Radio 4 and on local radio stations across the UK and Northern Ireland.

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Great Expectations: Faraz & Ahmed


Faraz, 28, a hospital doctor and student, Ahmed, 17, feel a cultural pressure to succeed.

Station: BBC Radio Wales

Perfect Harmony: Gwen & Clive


Gwen and husband, Clive share a love of theatre and met backstage on London's West End.

Station: BBC Radio Wales

Putting something back: Colin and Liz


Colin and Liz discuss their long friendship based on a mutual interest in helping others.

Station: BBC Radio Norfolk

Hospital Radio: Eifion & Russell


Eifion and Russell became friends presenting programmes at Wrexham Maelor Hospital Radio

Station: BBC Radio Wales

Search & Rescue: Ray & Alan


Ray and Alan have years of experience working with search and rescue dogs.

Station: BBC Radio Wales

Head Start: Darryn & Marcus


Darryn, talks to colleague and apprentice hairdresser, Marcus about their occupation.

Station: BBC Radio Wales

Dancing dreams: Johnny and Marnie


14 year old Johnny is a rising ballet star, but his Mum worries that he’s too intense.

Station: BBC Radio Suffolk

When I'm cleaning windows: Charlie and Charline


Father and daughter window-cleaners Charlie and Charline discuss the dangers of the job.

Station: BBC Radio Scotland

Costume Drama: Eileen and Amanda


Wardrobe Mistress Amanda and volunteer Eileen are preparing for The Snow Queen

Station: BBC Radio Norfolk

Tom and Kirsty – Death Pork or Wholesome Lentils?


Tom rears pigs. Kirsty is a vegetarian. What should they feed their son, 9 month old son?

Station: BBC Radio Suffolk
Showing 1 - 10 of 49 items available

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