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Candi Staton; India Knight; Breast Cancer Pioneer


Conversations from the Listening Project are broadcast on Radio 4 and on local radio stations across the UK and Northern Ireland.

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Christine and Adam: Keeping Mum


Adam thought he could tell his mum he was gay and she would keep the secret to herself.

Station: BBC Radio Cumbria

Double Exposure: Hal and Nats


A nude model and her photographer find their session uniquely revealing.

Station: BBC Radio Cumbria

Getting Married - Andrew and Stephen


A Church of England vicar and his partner consider their plans to marry this summer.

Station: BBC London 94.9

Bob and Steve - Do the Right Thing


Two gay men who came out later in life share their experiences of marriage and children.

Station: BBC WM 95.6

Talking to the boss: Dusty and Margaret


Dusty talks with Margaret about being Gay and their shared faith.

Station: BBC Radio Norfolk

Crossing the Divide: Hinoi and Margaret


Mum and her 'new' daughter talk about being a transgender in Middlesbrough.

Station: BBC Tees

School Reunion: Wendy and Gill


After twenty one years two friends meet the boy they both fell in love with.

Station: BBC Tees

Drag queen: Jamie and Margaret


Margaret is worried that her son's drag act is taking over his life.

Station: BBC Tees

First impressions: Debbie and Finn


Debbie and Finn share his experience of having two mums and his first impressions of her.

Station: BBC Radio Suffolk

Private time: Rachael and Dawn


Two mothers talk openly about the sexual awakening of their special needs teenagers.

Station: BBC Radio Cumbria
Showing 1 - 10 of 24 items available