Conversations from the Listening Project are broadcast on Radio 4 and on local radio stations across the UK and Northern Ireland.

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Harry Potter and the new school spell - Grace and Marie


What can Hogwarts teach Grace and Marie about changing schools?

Station: BBC Radio Devon

A Better School - Anthea and Ramarni


Twelve year old Mensa member Ramarni and his mum Anthea discuss changing schools.

Station: BBC London 94.9

Dancing dreams: Johnny and Marnie


14 year old Johnny is a rising ballet star, but his Mum worries that he’s too intense.

Station: BBC Radio Suffolk

My past, your future : Richard and Chekaya


Richard talks with teenage daughter Chekaya about his hopes for her future.

Station: BBC Radio Leeds

Adrian and Naomi: Supporting each other


Adrian lost more than 8 stone to run the Marathon, but is he supporting Naomi enough.

Station: BBC Radio Suffolk

Heidi, hobbits and horror: Joan and Angela


Joan and Angela are escapists. But how far will their imaginations take them?

Station: BBC Radio Devon

Football and Pants: Oliver and Elliot


Friends Oliver and Elliot discuss their love of football.

Station: BBC Radio Suffolk

Best days of our lives?: Dean and Thomas


Musicians Dean and Thomas talk about how school wasn't a positive experience for them.

Station: BBC Radio 4

Far from home: Giulia and Claudia


Friends Giulia and Claudia talk about their lives as English language students in Belfast.

Station: BBC Radio 4

Leaving home: Abigail and Lina (uploaded by Abigail)


Students Abigail and Lina talk about how university didn't turn out as they expected.

Station: BBC Radio 4
Showing 1 - 10 of 26 items available