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Conversations from the Listening Project are broadcast on Radio 4 and on local radio stations across the UK and Northern Ireland.

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Understanding stammering: Gary and Jo


Gary has stammered profoundly all his life. He talks to wife Jo about its impact.

Station: BBC Radio Merseyside

Coping with disability: Lorraine and Ian


Ian and his mother Lorraine reflect on the day Ian was paralysed in a cycling accident.

Station: BBC Radio Merseyside

The need for a family: Tabitha and Jim


For Tabitha and Jim, not being able to have their own children has been a real struggle.

Station: BBC Radio Merseyside

The mother gene: Katy and Susan


Katy recently gave birth and talks about being a good mum with her mother, Susan.

Station: BBC Radio Merseyside

Words of love: Chris and Rosie


Chris and Rosie have a family and run their own business. But do they have time for love?

Station: BBC Radio Merseyside

Brothers in arms: Stefano and David


Anglo Italian friends Dave and Stefano share their thoughts on love, life and libido.

Station: BBC Radio Merseyside

Forever friends: Hanna, Emma and Tahani


Hanna, Emma and Tahani are leaving school and hope it's not the end of their friendship.

Station: BBC Radio Merseyside

Shared paternity: Ray and Joan


A half-brother and sister reflect on their differing relationships with their late father.

Station: BBC Radio Merseyside

A mother's pride: Suzanne and Carol


Carol reveals how proud she is of her daughter Suzanne, a daughter she nearly never had.

Station: BBC Radio Merseyside

Siblings In Christ: Mary and Peter


Brother and sister, priest and nun, Mary and Peter discuss their religious vocations.

Station: BBC Radio Merseyside
Showing 1 - 10 of 14 items available

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