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Conversations from the Listening Project are broadcast on Radio 4 and on local radio stations across the UK and Northern Ireland.

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Sarah and Natalie – Blind Faith


Natalie lost her sight as a result of a tumour. She remembers how prayers failed to help.

Station: BBC Radio Scotland

More than just a mother: Sheila and Helen


Friends Sheila and Helen talk about living without children.

Station: BBC Radio Scotland

Finding Love in Orkney: William and Elizabeth


When William and Elizabeth moved to Orkney as business partners, love soon followed...

Station: BBC Radio Scotland

The Lost Years are Over: Suzi and Julie


Illness strained the bond between sisters Suzi and Julie. Now they’re closer than ever.

Station: BBC Radio Scotland

Too Good For Me: Katrina and Steven


Katrina and Steven discuss how their disabilities never stood in the way of true love.

Station: BBC Radio Scotland

No Holding Back: John Paul and Michael


Best friends John Paul and Michael refuse to let disabilities stand in their way.

Station: BBC Radio Scotland

Eddie and Leigh - A Fresh Start


Eddie tells daughter Leigh about his struggle with addiction and hopes of a fresh start.

Station: BBC Radio Scotland

You're an extra friend: Rosie and Mary


Identical twins Mary and Rosie discuss the pros and cons of looking so similar.

Station: BBC Radio Scotland

When I'm cleaning windows: Charlie and Charline


Father and daughter window-cleaners Charlie and Charline discuss the dangers of the job.

Station: BBC Radio Scotland

My parents don't understand what I do: Tom and Jamie


Tom tells Jamie that his parents will never understand his career as a beatboxer.

Station: BBC Radio Scotland
Showing 1 - 10 of 50 items available