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Conversations from the Listening Project are broadcast on Radio 4 and on local radio stations across the UK and Northern Ireland.

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A mountain to climb: Jade and Roger


Roger gave Jade her first ever job after hearing her talk about conquering Mont Blanc.

Station: BBC Radio Leeds

The impact of abuse: Jimmy and Andy


Jimmy and Andy talk about the impact of the sexual abuse that they suffered as children.

Station: BBC Radio Leeds

Sharing and Surviving: Jimmy and Andy


Jimmy and Andy discuss how talking about the sexual abuse they suffered has helped them.

Station: BBC Radio Leeds

Family Politics: Alison and Adam


Alison and son Adam discuss how her involvement in local Politics has affected his views.

Station: BBC Radio Leeds

A working relationship: Edward and Ben


Edward talks to son Ben about working together successfully in their family business.

Station: BBC Radio Leeds

Thomas and Deborah: Just like Daddy Garth


11 year old Maths Genius Thomas talks to Mum about being brainy and the death of his Dad.

Station: BBC Radio Leeds

Cyber Support: Tiffany and Marcia


Tiffany and Marcia talk about how social media has been a source of support for Tiffany.

Station: BBC Radio Leeds

Me and My MS: Bev and Gill


Bev was a fitness instructor when she was diagnosed with MS. She talks to friend Gill.

Station: BBC Radio Leeds

Better than me : Claude and Tiah


Claude and daughter Tiah talk about overcoming negative stereotypes to be a good parent

Station: BBC Radio Leeds

One More Match: Nathan and Sue


18 year old Nathan talks to mum Sue about the Rugby Match that changed his life forever.

Station: BBC Radio Leeds
Showing 1 - 10 of 45 items available

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