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Conversations from the Listening Project are broadcast on Radio 4 and on local radio stations across the UK and Northern Ireland.

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Victor and Finola - The Key of Heaven


Victor shares his new love of life with Finola, who helped him learn to read and write.

Station: BBC Radio 4

Living with loss: Elaine & Marlene


Elaine and Marlene discuss life after the loss of their sons.

Station: BBC Radio 4

Tommy and Rhys - Knowing Your Own Mind


Tommy talks to grandson Rhys about a future when he's no longer active.

Station: BBC Radio 4

Jan and Ama - More Than Just Hair


Fi Glover with a mother and daughter who share dreadlocks but not the meaning behind them

Station: BBC Radio 4

Andy and Wyn - Art Saved My Life


A conversation about the power of art to put a life back together

Station: BBC Radio 4

Richard and Manu - From the Street to the Kitchen


Stepping up to work in the kitchen at The Connection at St Martin in the Fields

Station: BBC Radio 4

Andy and Wyn - From Cared For to Carer


Helping Wyn in the Art Room at The Connection has revived in Andy his skills as a carer

Station: BBC Radio 4

Best days of our lives?: Dean and Thomas


Musicians Dean and Thomas talk about how school wasn't a positive experience for them.

Station: BBC Radio 4

Far from home: Giulia and Claudia


Friends Giulia and Claudia talk about their lives as English language students in Belfast.

Station: BBC Radio 4

Leaving home: Abigail and Lina (uploaded by Abigail)


Students Abigail and Lina talk about how university didn't turn out as they expected.

Station: BBC Radio 4
Showing 1 - 10 of 46 items available

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