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Conversations from the Listening Project are broadcast on Radio 4 and on local radio stations across the UK and Northern Ireland.

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Life Without Dad: Lesley and Ruth


When the rock in a relationship dies what anchors a mum bringing up three daughters?

Station: BBC Radio Cumbria

Shared Memories: Lesley and Ruth


When do you tell the kids their dad is dying?

Station: BBC Radio Cumbria

The Perfect Daughter: Lesley and Ruth


Was Ruth's anorexia triggered by the death of her father?

Station: BBC Radio Cumbria

Animal Rescue: Allyson and Sarah


The animals help the staff at the rescue centre as much as the people help the animals.

Station: BBC Radio Cumbria

Double Exposure: Hal and Nats


A nude model and her photographer find their session uniquely revealing.

Station: BBC Radio Cumbria

Hopes and Dreams : Kenny and Natalie


Escaping the yoke of running a busy restaurant while raising a young family.

Station: BBC Radio Cumbria

In Sickness and in Health : Kenny and Natalie


The reality of choosing to marry a man 25 years older than yourself.

Station: BBC Radio Cumbria

Seizing Up: Darryl and Kiri


How the shock of her recently diagnosed epilepsy changed the lives of an engaged couple.

Station: BBC Radio Cumbria

Wedding Plans : Darryl and Kiri


Her recently diagnosed epilepsy is not going to stop an engaged couple sealing the knot.

Station: BBC Radio Cumbria

Second Best : Andy and Hilary


Her new grandson threatens a fairytale romance after childhood sweethearts get married.

Station: BBC Radio Cumbria
Showing 1 - 10 of 28 items available

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