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Face to Face: Caroline and Jennifer

Duration: 3 minutes

Caroline and Jennifer are both Black Africans from Nigeria. They both married white oil workers, who eventually moved to Norfolk for their work. Whilst Caroline and Jennifer knew each other in Nigeria, they did not expect that when they moved to England, they would be living next door to each other in Norwich, which is what they now do.

From her teens onwards Caroline has had serious problems with acne. During adolescence it stopped her going out and socialising as she was worried about the reactions she would get from others. She used 'boxes and boxes' of make up to hide the problems with her face and used to get quite shocked reactions from friends if they saw her 'bare faced.' Jennifer too has suffered with outbreaks of acne at different times her in her life. As the years have passed, Caroline and Jennifer's acne has improved and in this conversation they look back on the impact that growing up with acne has had on their past and present lives.

Broadcast on/submitted to:
BBC Radio Norfolk