Why me? : Amanda and Jamie

Duration: 03:22 minutes

Jamie is 14 and is a budding computer expert. He loves gaming and dreams of being a Game Designer. He already planned which University course he'll take and he's determined to get there. For Jamie this might be a tougher journey because to follow his dream he has got overcome his dyslexia and deal with the bullies that have plagued his life since primary school. He's moved school several times and has had death threats. There's even been a court case after a particularly violent attack. He lives with his mum and dad and older brother - his brother has special needs and unfortunately at times he has bullied Jamie too. The family are now working through the bullying issues and with the help of a Kidscape project, funded by BBC Children in Need, they have learnt valuable coping strategies. Jamie is also now working to help other bullying victims. He sat down with mum Amanda to talk about how life is for him.

Published on:
Fri 15 Nov 2013

Broadcast on/submitted to:
BBC Radio Leeds

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