Arthritis and us: Jonathan and Nicola

Duration: 02:53 minutes

Nicola and Jonathan have been together for 15 months, but have known each other for more than 6 years, with her house overlooking his back garden.

Both suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, with Jonathan suddenly developing the condition in his late twenties and Nicola being diagnosed three years ago.

Both suffer extreme pain as a result of the condition but manage to laugh about it all the same. Their approaches to the condition are very different.

Nicola is a real researcher and spends hours looking for potential cures, where as Jonathan is much more laid back about things and takes people's lack of understanding about the condition very much in his stride.

Here they talk about what its like living with 'an old persons disease', dealing with the lack of understanding and Nicola admits to her preconceived ideas about Jonathan.

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BBC Radio Suffolk