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The Archers Archers 60th Tweetalong

Conversations about The Archers go on across the web and many of you already tweet (post messages on Twitter) during the Archers episodes. To commemorate the special double episode that's going out on the 2nd January and the following programme, we're building a graphic that will show what people are saying. Come back and watch it here at 7pm 2nd and 3rd January 2011.

This page will bring together a selection of tweets and comments on The Archers message board and also have a graphic keeping track of which characters, events and topics are being discussed and would like as many of you as possible to join in.

So what do I need to do?

Sign up to twitter.com (See below to find out what Twitter is) and start tweeting. You can tweet anytime, but the conversation is busiest during the episodes.

Take a look at this link to see what people are already tweeting about the Archers - twitter.com

Be ready to tweet during the episode at 7pm on Sunday 2nd January 2010. Include the phrase #thearchers in your tweets so that we can pick them up. This is when we are trying out the twitter application we are building for the double episode going out on 2 January and the following programme.

If you'd rather not join up to twitter you can join in the conversation on The Archers message board.

You can tweet at any time - but we'll only be running our the Tweetalong page during the episodes on the 2nd and 3rd January.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an online social network that allows you to share short public messages with people all over the world. These short messages are known as "tweets".

The tweets you write are displayed to everybody who chooses to follow you and can be found by anyone on Twitter via the search function.

As well as posting your own tweets, you can search Twitter for people you are interested in and choose to follow them. If you choose to follow people, you will receive all of their tweets in your Twitter "timeline".

For example, Stephen Fry can be found here and Evan Davis from the Today programme can be found here.

It isn't only individual people and celebrities who use Twitter. Many BBC programmes have Twitter accounts and post tweets about their shows.

For example, the official Twitter account for The Archers can be found here.

What can I say or "tweet"?

People tweet about everything, from what they are watching on TV, to their opinions on the latest news stories.

People who tweet about The Archers post their thoughts on many aspects of the show. People give their reactions to the latest storylines or express their feelings towards certain characters. It's better than just shouting at the radio!

Some people have even set up accounts for Archers characters and tweet as if they were that character. For example, you can see the latest tweets from somebody tweeting as Eddie Grundy by clicking here.

What is a hashtag?

Anyone who has chosen to "follow" you will receive all of your tweets, but there are other ways for people to find your tweets. One of the most popular is the "hashtag".

Hashtags are words or phrases posted after a # symbol and every hashtag relates to a particular topic of conversation on Twitter.

For example people add #thearchers to tweets about The Archers.

Typing a hashtag as part of your tweet means that Twitter can group your tweet with all of the other tweets that include the same hashtag.

When you click on a hashtag, Twitter displays all of the most recent tweets that include that hashtag, and not just those from people you follow.

So, clicking on the #thearchers hashtag will display all of the most recent tweets about The Archers. It's a great way to follow a particular topic and find people who are interested in the same things you are.

How do I sign up?

Joining in with Twitter is easy. Simply head to www.twitter.com and click "sign up". After filling in a few simple details, your account will be created and you can post your first tweet.

More information

  1. BBC Webwise guide to twitter
  2. BBC Radio 2 - First Click : Guide to twitter

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