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The Archers Celebrating 60 years of life in Ambridge

Your stories of listening to The Archers

With around 5 million people listening to The Archers, we asked Archers fans for their memories of listening across six decades. What was the most memorable Archers moment? What got them hooked? Have events in their own lives ever overlapped those in the drama?

  • 06:55 1st March 2011 Definitely John's death - Grockle, Bristol
  • 13:16 26th February 2011 Brian trying to persuade Betty Tucker to skinnydip with him. Priceless. - Richard Ettey, Somerset
  • 16:12 25th February 2011 My mum always had the radio on in the kitchen as I was growing up and so I have listened to The Archers since I was a baby. John's death is my most memorable moment - it was heart-rending as Pat and Tony struggled to come to terms with it. - Kate, York
  • 10:08 24th February 2011 How could it be anything other than John s death - devastating. Every parent who followed could not help but be traumatised. .... Lightheartedly though Walter Gabriel and Mrs P's relationship always a tee-hee moment. - Linda Gemmell
  • 20:47 23rd February 2011 The Brian and Siobhan affair culminating with the scene in the hospital. She had a voice that sent shivers up my spine, I felt the same loss as Brian. - Michael Beale
  • 05:25 23rd February 2011 John's death is one of the saddest things ever heard on radio - Helen, Norfolk
  • 22:53 22nd February 2011 Been listening since I was a kid in the 60s when Tom Forrest introduced the omnibus with his comforting tones! I grew up to the bizarre rumble of Walter Gabriel's "Me old pal, me old beauty" and for some reason clearly recall Hugo Barnaby quoting Chekov: "The dead tree waves in the wind with the others" and Shula being named from random throws of letter bricks like the ones in my own toy box! - Joyce, South Yorkshire
  • 23:08 9th February 2011 So many happy memories and sad ones, especially when John died and Pat going through the most terrible depression. I remember Mike helping her talk things through and I howled and howled. I have always listened on a Sunday morning and my husband threatened to throw the radio out of the window if I didn't stop crying. - Dizzy, West Lancs
  • 22:31 7th February 2011 Waiting in the car park to pick my son up from school and hearing Mark Hebdon's car crash in the afternoon repeat. It was chilling and shocking just as real accidents are - Dina Brazil, Carlow Ireland
  • 06:26 7th February 2011 Phil's death was done so well and was the best sort of writing for The Archers. I have listened to The Archers since I was a child and my mother listened to it. Lived abroad and did not hear it for some time and then came back to it. Also the Peggy Archer story with Jack and coping with Alzheimer and the very believable - upset when Jack was holding hands with another patient - Gillian B in North Yorkshire
  • 13:26 6th February 2011 The moment Pip was born, with David going ecstatic. Second favourite: Jolene doing something VERY naughty to Sid in the shower at the start of their affair - I just couldn't believe we were hearing THAT in The Archers!!??!! ;-) - John Kavanagh, Reigate
  • 16:12 5th February 2011 Two memorable moments, both with Jennifer. Firstly, when she and Brian had a whale of a time after unwittingly consuming cannabis - in a stew? I can't remember the details. Secondly, Jennifer's reaction to Brian's birthday present of perfume after learning of his affair with Siobhan. Quite brilliantly real! - Fran, Preston
  • 20:34 4th February 2011 Listening to Brian and Caroline secretly meeting in a field. We had finished our tea and were listening intently. We were university students at the time - Jane , Ipswich
  • 13:33 4th February 2011 Nigel and Elizabeth's wedding. And I am finding it impossible to forgive you for killing him. - Celia Bright, Bedford
  • 17:16 2nd February 2011 This is not a story line but when I was about 10, in '62ish, Dan and Doris Archer came to Chislehurst, to the Red Hill Junior School Summer Fete - presumably to open it - and I got a signed photo that I still have! Happy days! From lifelong listener - Bridget, Chichester
  • 12:48 2nd February 2011 Princess Margaret and Jack Woolley, June 1984. I had just had my first baby and heard the tum de tum music outside the hospital room and then my husband brought a radio into the room with this episode on which was the funniest ever, so glad I did not miss it - Sarah, Exeter
  • 16:29 31st January 2011 Reminiscing with my late cousin about how our nan loved The Archers, she'd say "Shut up, The Archers is on!" - Patricia Pagliara, Italy
  • 11:33 31st January 2011 Shula Archer is one year younger than me and I like to follow her life. I would like to know why she was called Shula. - Shula, Rehovot, Israel
  • 09:49 31st January 2011 I was glued to my radio when Ruth first came to the village and we listeners knew that she and David were destined to be together for the rest of their lives, before they did. I was willing them on! - Judy Summers, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
  • 09:10 31st January 2011 I miss Tom Forrest's introduction to the omnibus edition. - Geoff Cox, Eastbourne
  • 21:29 30th January 2011 Not a storyline but a superbly written and sublimely delivered scene. Jill was quietly upset that Phil continued to mourn Grace's death for many years. She took this to mean that she was inferior to Phil's first wife. Walter Gabriel gently reassured her that it was because of their love, Phil had the space to express his grief, it suddenly made more sense to Jill and altered her outlook. A thoughtful and touching exchange. - Andy, Brighton
  • 18:05 30th January 2011 I remember when Adam was born in 1967. My husband and I were travelling in the car which had no radio and I made him pull in and listen to The Archers. - Dorothy Marshall, Co. down N. Ireland
  • 09:32 29th January 2011 I loved the moment when I walked past a large empty stage at the 'Green Gathering' festival. Someone put a loudspeaker centre stage at seven o'clock and played us The Archers. - Judy Barber, Edinburgh and NZ
  • 14:55 28th January 2011 I was ten years old - my first memory was Brian Aldridge's affair with Caroline Bone 1985 classic episodes - Cath Collins, Wales
  • 14:30 28th January 2011 In 1953 I think it was, I used to look after my sister's children while she spent Sunday recording The Archers. She had a small part as a barmaid in the Bull. Does anyone remember her? I think her stage name was Margaret Young. - Mary from Dorset
  • 13:41 28th January 2011 I have listened all my life from a small child after Dick Barton finished. John's death was the saddest episode. My husband and I were in the supermarket car park and thought we would stay and listen to The Archers before buying the weekly groceries. We both soon had tears running down our cheeks. And Joleen and Sids shower episode must be the funniest. - Bea Whetstone, London
  • 21:30 27th January 2011 Actually, my favourite Archers moment is when it became available on podcast. I've been able to listen whilst traveling and working abroad, which is wonderful. But best of all, I can now scroll past anything to do with the unendurable Vicky or Pip! - Alice, Santa Barbara
  • 20:56 27th January 2011 Archers have always been special. Memories of sitting with my late father every evening way back in the 50s. At 6.45 without fail, all activity was put on hold and the moment the music started, to bring the evening's listening to an end, the dog would rush out to the kitchen to get his lead. I still listen every Sunday without fail and the phone gets left off the hook and no one dare interupt that very special time. - Edna, Brighton
  • 18:43 27th January 2011 It's been my lifeline for the past 16 years of living in America. What would I do with out them all?!!! - Angela Matthews
  • 18:29 27th January 2011 I was born in 1952. My earliest memory of The Archers is sitting on my grandad's knee listening to the theme tune and being jigged up and down. He lived next door. He loved The Archers and always came round every evening to listen to it with me. He died when I was 5 but my mum was also an Archers fan, a sunday omnibus one, so it meant that The Archers were still part of my life. Dan, Doris, Walter, Nelson, Jethro, Tom, Pru - all part of the family. - Lyn Bedford

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