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More about John Sulston

Sir John Sulston is a British biologist and joint winner of a Nobel Prize in 2002. He is Chair of the Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation at the University of Manchester and was head of the British end of the Human Genome project, responsible for sequencing one-third of the human genome. He is passionately opposed to the protection and exploitation of scientific research for commercial interests.

The secret of life

"The instruction manual for life... an extraordinary insight into who we are, the importance of which we are only now beginning to appreciate."

A practical curiosity

"You like to see things through to the end... nothing if not tenacious... "


"It's a small cylindrical object, a millimetre long when it's fully grown, transparent and it grows very fast."


"It was indeed a race, there was a serious race and it was about ownership."

Data sharing

"There's only one thing that matters and that's the issue of data-release."


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