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Jim Al-Khalili

Theoretical Physicist

The Life Scientific

More about Jim Al-Khalili

Jim Al-Khalili OBE is a Professor of Physics at the University of Surrey where he also holds a chair in the Public Engagement in Science. He is a member of the British Science Association's Council and holds an EPSRC Senior Media Fellowship.

The public face of science

"Public engagement and science communication are deemed to be really worthy things that more scientsts should do."

Theoretical nuclear physics

"That's really my bread and butter area of science - mathematical physics using quantum mechanics - the mathematical modelling of atomic nuclei. It's my job to try and come up with a mathematical theory that matches the data that then tells us something about the real world."

Science and religion

"I don't know if it's my scientific training or because I was going to head that way, but by my mid-teens I was no longer religious."

Passions: Time travel & Newton

"Of course I'm interested in Time Travel. If anyone ever tried to build a time machine I don't think I'd be the first person to try it out."


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