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More about Geoff Bunn

Dr. Geoff Bunn devised the 'Mind your Head' exhibition at the Science Museum in 2001 to mark the British Psychological Society's centenary. A discursive psychologist, he is interested in the historical origins and consequences of psychological language terms such as 'soul', 'mind' and 'brain'. His forthcoming book (The Truth Machine: A Social History of the Lie Detector) examines how assumptions about human nature are built into science and technology. He is currently Chair of the British Psychological Society's History & Philosophy of Psychology Section.

Nature's masterpiece

"The most elaborate object in the known universe... "

The mind/brain puzzle

"When we talk about brain, mind and soul today; or cognition, emotion and the will, or even id, ego and superego, we're using concepts first articulated by the ancient Greeks."

Ways of seeing

Thanks to the introduction of a range of non-invasive brain imaging techniques, neurosurgical procedures in particular have been revolutionised.

Treatment and disease

Ancient treatments for the brain included the gruesome practice of trepanning - literally drilling a hole in the skull. Arabic scholars made significant contributions to the understanding of the brain during the European Dark Ages, focussing on what they called apoplexy.

People and cases

Some of the great names in the history of the brain include Thomas Willis, author of a pioneering work on the brain; Pierre Paul Broca, after whom Broca's area in the brain is named; Hans Berger, discoverer of brain waves and William Grey Walter.


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