Moments of Genius Turning points in the history of science

Nobel Prize winning scientists, writers, artists and broadcasters describe their favourite moments in the history of science.

Moments of Genius: listen to the moments below

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Series 3

Professor Venki Ramakrishnan

Professor Sir Martin Evans

Professor Barry Marshall

Professor Harry Kroto

Professor Elizabeth Blackburn

Series 2

Caroline Lucas

Samuel West

Tim Hunt

Brian Eno

Stephen Fry

Series 1

Carol Vorderman

Eoin Colfer

Robert Winston

Marcus du Sautoy

Margaret Atwood

Ben Goldacre

Ben Miller

Martha Lane Fox

Richard Dawkins

Jenny Uglow

What is a 'Moment of Genius'?

Click here to go to Marcus Du Sautoy's 'what is a moment of genius' video.

Marcus du Sautoy discusses what makes a moment of genius, explains why they are so important and provides some tips on how to make them happen.


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