The Arab Revolution

Tahrir Square

Revolution is sweeping the Arab world as the area experiences a period of unprecedented change.

In a series of special programmes, Radio 4 brings you the latest news, analysis and debate on the questions underpinning these momentous events.

Listen to the Programmes

  • President Mubarak

    How did we get here-Egypt?: 04 Feb 2011

    Stephen Sackur and a group of experts uncover the hidden history behind the political upheaval in Egypt. How did President Mubarak rise to power and what were the factors that finally threatened his iron grip?

  • Hisham Matar

    Front Row-Hisham Matar: 11 Feb 2011

    Hisham Matar's second novel follows a boy whose world is turned upside down when his father is kidnapped. Hisham talks about how his own father, a Libyan dissident, was kidnapped over 20 years ago and is still being held in detention somewhere in Libya.

  • Brand image for FOOC

    Special-From Our Own Correspondent: 12 Feb 2011

    A special edition of From Our Own Correspondent. Reports on the joy in Cairo's Tahrir Square as the president steps down; the future of those who enforced Mubarak's police state; the difficulties faced by western diplomats.

  • Tahrir Square

    Tahrir Square: 17 Feb 2011

    In Tahrir Square, the BBC's Magdi Abdelhadi, himself Egyptian-born, relives the drama of the last few weeks and talks to Egyptians about their hopes for the future.

  • Brand image for Four Thought

    Four Thought-Ahdaf Soueif: 23 Feb 2011

    Egyptian author Ahdaf Soueif describes how the anti-Mubarak protests have allowed Egyptians to reconnect with thousands of years of history and regain their sense of self.

  • Episode image for Rethinking The Middle East

    Analysis-Rethinking the Middle East: 28 Feb 2011

    Dr Maha Azzam looks at the recent history of US involvement in North Africa & the Middle East, including the brief shift in policy during the presidency of George W Bush, the role that Israel plays in US/Arab relations.

  • Brand image for Start the Week

    Start the Week-Engagement with Libya: 28 Feb 2011

    The former UN deputy secretary-general Mark Malloch-Brown, on whether national governments are still able to address complex international issues, and Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski on the idea of 'principled engagement' with Libya.

  • Brand image for FOOC

    From Our Own Correspondent- Talking Politics with Gaddaffi: 03 March 2011

    Jeremy Bowen talks politics and revolution with Colonel Gaddaffi in a restaurant overlooking Tripoli harbour. He seems determined to hold on, and has now launched a counter-attack in the country's rebellious east.

  • Episode image for The Report -Libya Special

    The Report-Libya Special: 03 March 2011

    Hugh Miles talks to some of those charmed into assisting Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime and to former members of Saif al Islam's circle who saw much of Libya's wealth squandered on buying influence.

  • Episode image for Excess Baggage

    Excess Baggage-Raja Shehadeh: 05 March 2011

    Sandi Toksvig talks to Raja Shehadeh the Palestinian writer and lawyer this Saturday about his walks around the rift valley in the footsteps of a great uncle who fell foul of the Ottoman authorities in Palestine during WW1.

  • Episode image for Letters to the Arab World

    Letters to the Arab World: 14 March 2011

    Five writers from North Africa and the Middle East consider the momentous events that are reshaping the Arab world, and pen open letters to reflect on the consequences for the region and for its people.

  • Episode image for Egypt Riots

    The World Tonight-Special Report: 14th March 2011

    What caused the uprisings sweeping the Middle East to happen now? Has the Arab Spring run out of steam? Is there a role for the West to play? This special edition of The World Tonight was recorded at the foreign policy think tank Chatham House.

  • Episode image for Egypt's Missing Millions

    File on Four-Egypt's Missing Millions: 15 March 2011

    Banks and fraud squads across the world are beginning the task of tracing a vast fortune stolen from the Egyptian people by members of the Mubarak regime. Some estimates have suggested the missing money could run into many billions of pounds.

  • Episode image for The Cairo Trilogy

    Friday Play-The Cairo Trilogy: 18 March 2011

    Dramatised by Ayeesha Menon from the novels of Nobel Prize-winning author Naguib Mahfouz the drama was recorded on the streets of Cairo.

  • Episode image for Amr Moussa

    Profile-Amr Moussa: 26 March 2011

    Morland Sanders profiles the Secretary General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa. As he prepares to depart as head of the League and stand for President of Egypt what are the challenges now facing both the League and him personally?

  • Episode image for The Report

    The Report-Donations from Arab Countries: 31 March 2011

    Simon Cox investigates the problems that donations from Arab countries are creating for British universities. But what is the morality, or otherwise, of accepting money from dodgy regimes? Or is it just about how you use the money, rather than who donated it?

  • Episode image for Over a Barrel

    In Business-Over a Barrel: 31 March 2011

    Turmoil across the Middle East sent oil prices jumping. Peter Day investigates the future of oil and what the current upheavals might mean for other energy supplies.

  • Episode picture for Egypt: Sisters of the Revolution

    Crossing Continents-Egypt: Sisters of the Revolution:
    14 April 2011

    Bill Law returns to Egypt to see how five women he met three years ago have helped shape the revolution, and how they have been affected by it.

  • Episode image for Lebanon: The Next Generation

    Lebanon: The Next Generation: 03 May 2011

    John McCarthy returns to the Lebanon to ask what has happened in the years of comparative peace. What are the post-war generation of young Lebanese doing to reshape their society?

  • Episode image for Islam Inc

    Islam Inc: 24 May 2011

    From Africa to Kazakhstan, a new Islamic network is attracting millions of followers. Edward Stourton travels to Turkey to find out about the man who has inspired a global phenomenon-Fethullah Gulen.

  • Episode image for File on 4

    File on 4: 07 June 2011

    After Iranian military rockets were found on the battlefields of Afghanistan, Allan Urry assesses new evidence alleging Iran's closer ties with al Qaeda and the Taliban.

  • Episode image for WATO

    World at One: 13-17 June 2011

    Thirty minutes of news, analysis and comment, with Martha Kearney. Examining the implications of the Arab Spring.

  • Episode image for Analysis

    Analysis: Egypt's New Islamists: 13 June 2011

    Edward Stourton asks if the Egyptian revolution spells the end of old-style Islamism. As groups like the Muslim Brotherhood embrace democracy, how will they - and Egypt - change?

  • Episode image for Profile

    Profile: Mustafa Abdul Jalil: 3 Sep 2011

    Mustafa Abdul Jalil is a former Justice Minister for the Gaddafi regime and now head of Libya's National Transitional Council. Nick Ravenscroft reports on whether he has the leadership qualities to steer the country toward democracy.

  • Episode image for The Call of the Arab Spring

    The Call of the Arab Spring: 16 Sep 2011

    Scores of British Arabs have been travelling to participate in the uprisings taking place in countries their parents left decades ago. Zubeida Malik talks to three of these young British Arabs about how their decisions have made them rethink their ideas of home.

  • Brand image for Analysis

    Analysis: Libya's Islamic Capitalists: 26 Sep 2011

    Hugh Miles looks at the background of the new rulers in Libya and asks how post-Gaddafi Islamic capitalism might work.

  • Aasmah Mir

    The Iraqi Interpreter's New Home: 28 Oct 2011

    Iraqi interpreters were offered a new life in the UK for their help. What did they get? Aasmah Mir gets to the heart of their stories, from war-torn Iraq to the streets of Glasgow.

  • After the Dictator

    Archive on 4: After the Dictator: 29 Oct 2011

    With Gaddafi dead, Owen Bennett-Jones explores what happens after dictators fall.

  • Episode image for Revolution (Egypt)

    Tales from the Arab Spring: Revolution (Egypt): 19 Dec 2011

    Jeremy Bowen looks back over a momentous year in the Middle East and hears from those who witnessed events at first hand in Egypt.

  • Episode image for Counter Revolution (Libya)

    Tales from the Arab Spring: Counter Revolution (Libya): 20 Dec 2011

    Jeremy Bowen hears that the experience of protesters in Libya proved to be the opposite of their counterparts in Egypt and Tunisia.

  • Episode image for Whose Tomorrow? Syria

    Tales from the Arab Spring: Whose Tomorrow? (Syria): 21 Dec 2011

    Jeremy Bowen hears from some of the people who have witnessed the repression of Bashir al-Assad's regime in Syria.

  • Episode image for Songs for Tahrir

    Songs for Tahrir: 18 Jan 2012

    In a return visit to Cairo, Palestinian singer Reem Kelani meets up with the activists, poets and musicians with whom she spent time on Tahrir Square in early 2011.


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