The Flag of Greece

The best of Radio 4 on the problems facing Greece today.


  • Greece: An Unquiet History

    Greece: An Unquiet History

    Writer Maria Margaronis's history of 20th century Greece asks if the spectre of Greece's unstable past is haunting its current nightmares. (Mar 2012)

  • Profile: Alexis Tsipras

    Profile: Alexis Tsipras

    Andy Denwood Profiles Alexis Tsipras the young brash leader of Greece's far left Syriza party. (May 2012)

  • Greece: Broken Marble, Broken Future

    Greece: Broken Marble, Broken Future

    Writer Maria Margaronis returns home to listen to those living through the Greek disaster. (Dec 2011)

  • Analysis: Preparing for Eurogeddon

    Analysis: Preparing for Eurogeddon

    What if Greece had to get a new currency? Chris Bowlby explores what would happen if the Eurozone splits. (Feb 2012)

  • Europe's Choice

    Europe's Choice

    Allan Little presents a history of the euro. (Feb 2012)

  • Generation E: Far Right Extremists in Greece

    Generation E: Far Right Extremists in Greece

    In Greece, financial meltdown and soaring illegal immigration have led to the rise of young right-wing extremists. Lucy Ash finds out how young people in Greece see their cuture. (Sep 2011)

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