Economies in Crisis


The world has been undergoing the biggest global economic slowdown for six decades.

In a series of special programmes, Radio 4 looks at the economy, business and economic theory. From bailing out the banks and crises in the Eurozone, to UK austerity measures and economic slowdown.


  • New Global Economics

    Europe's Choice

    Allan Little looks at key moments and issues that brought the EU to the current crisis.

  • Europe's Choice

    The New Global Economics: Nov 2011

    Martin Wolf, the Financial Times chief economics commentator, examines how the world has changed since the beginning of the financial crisis four years ago.

  • Charles Darwin

    Analysis: The Darwin Economy: Nov 14 2011

    Professor Robert Frank believes Darwin was a better economist than Adam Smith. He explains his ideas to Paul Mason in front of an audience of economists, scientists and the free marketeers he criticises at the London School of Economics.

  • Stephanie Flanders

    Stephanomics: Oct 2011

    Stephanie Flanders discusses the global financial crisis with top economic thinkers.

  • Michael Portillo

    Capitalism on Trial: Oct 2011

    Michael Portillo weighs up the costs and benefits of the economic system that governs our lives.

  • Keynes Vs. Hayek

    Keynes Vs. Hayek: 24 Aug 2011

    Paul Mason chairs a debate between followers of two contrasting liberal economists, John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich Hayek. Keynes believed that government spending could create employment and longer term growth. His contemporary and rival Hayek believed that investments have to be based on real savings rather than increased public spending or artificially low interest rates.

  • The Story of Economics

    The Story of Economics: Mar- Apr 2011

    Michael Blastland lays out the history of economic ideas to understand why economics goes wrong and whether it can ever go entirely right.

  • Credit Cards. From Analysis: Radical Economics: escaping credit serfdom

    Analysis: Radical Economics: Escaping Credit Serfdom: 13 Feb 2011

    Paul Mason asks whether the expansion of credit created a new form of worker exploitation.

  • Friedrich Hayek

    Analysis: Radical Economics: Yo Hayek!: 31 Jan 2011

    Why free market Austrian economics have inspired a rap video and attracted new fans.

  • Peter Day

    In Business

    Series of programmes about the whole world of work, public and private, from vast corporations to modest volunteers.

  • Evan Davis

    The Bottom Line

    Evan Davis hosts the business conversation show with people at the top giving insight into what matters.

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