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Meet the bloggers
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Meet the bloggers banner
A series looking at blogs and the bloggers that create them
Image of a computer keyboard
Introducing some of the new voices on the internet – people who have made their mark by writing a blog or online journal. Mark Savage meets the men and women who’ve attracted attention in cyberspace by recording their thoughts and impressions on anything and everything.

The content of blog sites

Be aware that the links on this page go to personal sites: content could challenge or offend.

Programme 1: Ticket Sales
Tuesday 29 August 2006, 9.30am-9.45am

A look at Little Red Boat, the whimsical musings of blogger Anna Pickard, and The London Underground Tube Diary, Annie Mole’s irreverent and informative look at anything and everything to do with the London Underground tube system.

Readings by Sarah-Jane Holm and Janet Dibley.

ListenListen again to the programme

ListenListen to the complete Anna Pickard interview 

Listen to the complete Annie Mole interview

Programme 2: It's personal
Tuesday 5 September 2006, 9.30am

Slices of life in Paris by single mother Petite Anglaise who shares custody of her daughter ‘Tadpole’ with her former partner ‘Mr Frog’, and ex-pat Zoe whose blog My Boyfriend is a Twat is up-front and personal about her household in a suburb of Brussels.

Readings by Sarah-Jane Holm and Janet Dibley.

ListenListen again to the programme

ListenListen to the complete Petite Anglaise interview

ListenListen to the complete My Boyfriend interview

Programme 3: That's entertainment
Tuesday 12 September 2006, 9.30am

Featuring The Bleat, James Lilek’s own take on life in America as seen from his home in Minneapolis and Gofugyourself, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, from Los Angeles, with their ‘snarky’ assassination of celebrity fashion victims who parade themselves on the red carpet.

Readings by Kerry Shale and Natalie Turner-Jones.

Listen Listen again to the programme

Listen Listen to the complete James Lilek interview

Listen Listen to Heather and Jessica's complete interview

Programme 4: It's Political
Tuesday 19 September 2006, 9.30am

A look at Instapundit, one of the biggest ‘political’ blogs in America, written by law professor Glenn Reynolds from Knoxville, Tennessee, and Horsesass, where local political activist David Goldstein, from Seattle, gives what he calls ‘the Straight Poop on Politics and the Press’

Listen  Listen again to the programme

Listen  Listen to the complete Glenn Reynolds interview

Listen  Listen to the complete David Goldstein interview

Programme five: In sickness and in health
Tuesday 26 September 2006, 9.30am

A Little Pregnant - Madcap misadventures in infertility, pregnancy, and parenthood written by Julie and Random Acts of Reality - The journal of Tom Reynolds, an ambulance worker, featuring episodes from his shifts in East London.

Readings by Natalie Turner-Jones and David Kennedy.

Listen  Listen again to the programme

Listen  Listen to the complete A Little Pregnant interview

Listen  Listen to the complete Tom Reynolds

More about blogging

Start your own blog - a quick guide to blogs and blogging

Read more from producer Mark Savage
The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites
Your comments

I can only echo my fellow team blogger from the Manchester Business School, Stevo. When we were first given the blog project this term, I, until this point, thought that a blog was just a simple diary - how wrong I was! We would very much welcome any comments/criticism of our team blog. hhtp://

This blogging is all a bit popular now. Our Business school has set up a project where we have to submit a project as a blog for our MBA. Here is ours - still in it's early stages though. any pointers would be gladly accepted

Mark - BBC Producer
Thanks for your recommendations. I am really interested to get them but please try to avoid suggesting your own sites - we will end up with thousands, if not millions, and the spam 'comments' are bad enough.

New one that reads like a classic Great first post, as well. Are there awards for the most original??? [Thanks. Looks good. I would like to make another series and maybe awards could be part of that - Mark (producer)]

Julie Oakley
Illustrated blogs - you should cover those, particularly and in my view the two best ones Blogzira( and crackskull bob ( and of course – as everyone seems to be promoting their own blogs – my two and [Some great recommendations here - thanks very much - mark (producer)]

I liked the use of the word 'Twat' and as a man find it in no way way demeaning. Where I come from in the midlands it was a term of endearment amongst working class blokes. I still hear it used on building sites frequently and compared to some other phrases used it really harmless. Besides all this the 'Twat' in question in the interview really didn't seem to be bothered by it either. So who is demeaned by it?
I've enjoyed listening to and hearing about the bloggers on Radio 4. They all seem sharp and witty, not like my blog about my life which starts in 1925 in Jersey and is ending by the River Mersey. I was not offended by the reference to her 'twat' boyfriend, but even my youngest grandson was surprised it was aired on Radio 4. Thank you for the series.

This is a great idea. Considering the way blogs are proliferating, it is about time someone in the traditional media examined them a little critically - after all, for every great blog, there are twenty good blogs, forty OK blogs, and four thousand badly spelled blogs assuming (quite wrongly) that I care. That said, go check out, where Chris Onstad is using fictional blogs in a really creative and new way as an extra dimension of his surreal and charming comics. One for the next series!

Really interesting series, inspired me to start my own blog.

Stevie J
Great series which hits just the right tone. I think Froosh Bamboo at and Trouble Diva at are worth reading regularly. They're two of my favourites anyway. TD is well established but FB is new. Actually - there are lots of great blogs out there and hopefully this series will encourage people to go and discover them. Maybe even start some more.

I enjoy reading blogs most days but I don't have time to write my own. It must take up a long time to write something everyday. My favourites are: and Funny and insightful.

I have found this series quite interesting so far and look forward to hearing next weeks programme

Thanks for the program about James Lileks. I've been a listener of his Diner podcasts for some time, & frequent his blog - your interview helped put what he is doing in perspective for me.

Can you give me the address for the lilacs blog? - - [You should be able to link to it by clicking on the link [the bleat] on the main page. The address is [] Mark (Producer)]

sarah wimperis
have you checked out the painting a day blogs? Its an interesting art movement. there is mine, and there is a link list there of some of the good ones out there.

Annie P.
My favourite UK blog is - witty and a fabulous writer.

Mark A. Savage
No, I'm not the producer of this excellent series, but I wish I was! The Mark Savage who did, however, and anyone else who's interested, might like to read my blog "Anyway..." at, particularly my posting "What's in a name?" on 3rd September. Shameless self-publicity now out of the way , a couple of points about the programme. Firstly, shouldn't or couldn't we have some credit to the amusing readers of the blog extracts on the programmes? As it's probably too late to add them to the continuity, perhaps that could be done on this website? I'm sure I heard the familiar laugh-a-second voice of Kerry Shale in yesterday's programme, for instance. And is there any significance in the fact that so far, most of your interviewees, Mark, have been women? Do less blokes write blogs, or are we just too self-conscious to talk about them? Keep up the good work, and I'll promise not to take the credit next time someone asks me if I produced one of your Radio 4 shows. Maybe our paths will cross one of these days! [Thanks Mark. It is a fair point about the actors. Yes, it is Kerry Shale who I really rate. I have been meaning to include the names of all the actors on the site but haven't got round to it because I have been abroad. As for whether there are more women blogging than men I don't know - more research needed. - The other Mark (Producer]

Matt, thanks for the drive-by smear attack. Anytime you want to actually address the views of Glenn Reynolds on their merits, feel free to come back.

Interesting site here. How does one become eligible to participate? - - - [I am always open to suggestions about interesting sites --Mark (Producer)]

For another series have you looked at

Stephen Fairclough
With reference to the Radio 4 programme 'Meet the Bloggers' broadcast on 5/9/2006. I found the use of 'twat' used to describe the partner of one of the female bloggers offensive, in terms of the language used and as a description of her partner. The language is degrading and sexist and denigrates males and seems to be an ongoing process of disrespect towards men. If she and women feel this way towards men then they should consider whether a relationship with a man is appropriate for them. I am aware that she meant it in joking and that her partner goes along with it, but maybe he should consider what it means to be complicit in such epithets. I am disappointed in your slip in standards.

This is great. I'm 16 and actually using my blogs as a way to set up my own company in the next two or 3 years. I hope to become a journalist and problogger.

Regarding the comment that thought the use of the word 'twat' was offensive, I must disagree. The BBC has not lowered its standards, but instead has adhered to them, eradicating censorship and leaving the reader free to choose what he or she reads. I for one enjoyed Mr. Savage's interview immensely and admire Zoe's humor and candidness. Job well done and I look forward to hearing more of this series.

Natalie d'Arbeloff
Hello Mark, since you're interested in discovering new sites, here's one by an artist/writer/cartoonist (me and my cartoon alter-ego Augustine)

I read these every day. Quality humour.

Why are you featuring Glenn Reynolds of all the American bloggers?! There are dozens of more popular American bloggers who are also decent human beings. Is is asking too much to give them equal time?

I'm in Northeastern Ohio and we have some fabulous "Get to know bloggers" resources that you can check out on this blog post. In addition, we have a Meet the Bloggers which actually is like Meet the Press, in which people who want bloggers to know them come to the bloggers. Good luck with your series, and let us know if you're looking for anyone across the Atlantic!

i was very pleased to find the Petite Anglaise blog via this site. Thank you.

Really enjoying this series. Thanks for doing it. It touches a lot of bases for both listeners and bloggers.

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