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05 August 2006

Peter Curran is joined by Tim Ward who recounts how his latest search for enlightenment has brought him from his native America to Europe where he has been seeking out the cult of the Goddess.

The buzz of a small aeroplane high above conjures up thoughts of a clear azure sky, looking down on the patchwork quilt of the landscape enjoying a sense of space and freedom that's a world away from normal air travel.

Michael Wright and Judy Leden share the thrills of flying yourself around for leisure and pleasure and discuss the notion of taking to the air on flying holidays, with or without an engine.

Presented by Peter Curran

Michael Wright flying a tiger moth (copyright: Michael Wright)

Photo: Michael Wright flying a tiger moth

This week's guests:

Tim Ward has lived in India, China, Thailand, and Japan for six years, where he studied in various monasteries and ashrams.  He later worked as a teacher and journalist and is the author of four books on spiritual journalism.  His first book What the Buddha Never Taught is an account of his life in a Thai Buddhist monastery in South East Asia.  His latest book is called Savage Breast: One Man's Search for the Goddess.

In ancient times men worshipped goddesses as well as gods.  Only with the rise of the monotheism did the divine become strictly male. How did this loss of goddess alter the male psyche?  What lasting impact has it had on men's relationships with women, especially today as society moves towards equality between the sexes.  Tim decided to seek out the Goddess to answer these questions.  Over a period of three years he travelled to the ruin temples and shrines of the goddess in Greece, Turkey, Israel, Malta, Cyprus, France and the Balkans.

Savage Breast: One Man's Search for the Goddess
Publisher: O Books
ISBN: 1905047584

What the Buddha never taught
Publisher: Celestial Arts
ISBN: 0890876878 

Tim Ward will be giving talks inTruro, Exeter, Manchester and Leeds between 06 - 10 August.
Information at Savage Breast.

Michael Wright was a theatre critic in London before deciding three years ago to move to rural central France not far from Limoges.  Michael started writing a column on his new life in the Saturday Telegraph.

Michael's new book C'est la folie is a summary of his experiences in which he describes how he found a run down old farm moved there and set about raising chickens and Ouessant sheep.  He is also the proud owner of a 1947 Luscombe Silvaire aeroplane.

C'est la folie: one man's quest for a more meaningful life
Publisher: Bantam Press
ISBN: 0593054695 

Judy Leden MBE, is a three times world hang gliding champion. She has hang glided from the summit of one of the world's highest active volcanoes, and flown a microlight plane all the way from England to the Kingdom of Jordan.  Judy is an instructor at a flying school for hang gliding, paragliding and microlight aircraft in Derbyshire which offers flying lesson holidays in Derbyshire, France and Spain.

In her autobiography Flying with Condors, Judy recounts her experiences of flying around the world.

Airways Airsports is recognised by the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

Flying with condors
Publisher: Orion mass market paperback
ISBN: 0752808745 

British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

If you are planning a visit to France and would like to improve your French you can visit the BBC Excuse my French web site.

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John McCarthy John McCarthy is a widely travelled journalist and presenter with a particular interest in the Middle East.
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