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An image of Robert Duncan as Gordon Way.

Gordon Way is the owner of WayForward Technologies II a British software start up company that has often been likened to a British Microsoft, mainly by Gordon himself.

WayForward has two fabulously lucrative products.

Reason allows users to specify in advance the decision they want it to reach, and only then to input all the facts. The program's task was to construct a plausible series of logical-sounding steps to connect the premises with the conclusion. The only copy was sold to the US Government for an undisclosed fee.

WayForward's other key product is Anthem, a spreadsheet programme that turns corporate accounts into music. This facility has enlivened countless corporate meetings and accounts for ts enduring popularity.

However a new version is needed to keep up with changing fashions and so he is pressuring Richard McDuff to complete his well behind-schedule software project. A dynamic go-getting kind of guy he is not above using his sister, Susan Way, to put the pressure on her erstwhile boyfriend as well.

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