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  • Series 2 Episode 5

In episode 5...

The Feasting Hall Of Valhalla is filling up with the Ancient Norse Gods for the Challenging Hour. Thor the God Of Thunder has accused his father Odin the All-Father of betraying their people - a once proud race of gods, now reduced in the 21st century to living destitute on the streets of London. Only Dirk Gently, it seems, is in a position to put together the facts that will prove that the sinister goblin Toe Rag has tricked Odin into selling his immortal soul to the extremely unpleasant Cynthia and Simon Draycott, whose advertising business is about to go global thanks to their new found immortality and godlike powers.

But Thor has a new ally against Toe Rag's cunning - the American journalist Kate Schechter, who is now working alongside Dirk to try and uncover what is going on. As Dirk struggles to evict a particularly vicious and enormous eagle from his front hallway, and Kate attempts to get a drink out of Dirk's ex-secretary Janice, who has been placed under a curse that has turned her into a vending machine, Thor takes his first bath in several centuries - to the relief of all.

But time is ticking away and the Draycotts are using their new godlike powers to manipulate people to do their will, amongst them the nincompoopish Constable Luke, who now acts as their personal police car taxi driver. Dirk escapes the eagle in his house to find a vagrant outside who babbles strangely of Valhalla and St Pancras as if they were the same place. Without realising he is yards from his missing cleaning woman Elena - trapped in the old fridge in the skip outside his house, Dirk accompanies the Vagrant to St Pancras, where a host of down-and-outs is gathered.

As Kate and Thor depart by hammer on a mission to thwart the Draycotts' evil plans, Dirk watches the sinister Simon and Cynthia arrive at a suddenly deserted St Pancras. Following their footsteps Dirk succeeds in slipping behind a molecule, finding the portal that teansforms St Pancras in the World Of Men into The Feasting Hall Of Valhalla in the Twilight Of The Gods.

Episode Five - broadcast at 11.00pm on 30st October 2007

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