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Safety Catch
Listen to the latest edition of Safety CatchTuesday 18:30 - 19:00,
8 - 29 July 2008
8 - 29 July 2008
Tuesday 6.30 - 7pm
Safety Catch
Safety Catch pokes fun at the ugly trade-offs in all of our lives through the example of Simon McGrath and the lies he has to tell himself just to get up in the morning.
Safety Catch is the story of a man who never intended to go into the arms trade: he fell into it but he's definitely going to leave soon. And if he wasn’t doing his job, someone else would. And at least he doesn’t work for McDonald’s

Simon McGrath likes to think of himself as a good person. He donates blood (although not bone marrow because he’s heard that hurts), he recycles and he's adopted two tigers. But he has to pay his mortgage just like everyone else and that's why he currently works as an arms dealer.

    The characters and cast
    Please note links to IMDB will take you to a site outside the BBC.

    Simon McGrath
    The show’s narrator and anti-hero. He claims that he really wants to be an electronic musician but is trapped in his current job as an arms dealer but his own laziness and cowardice. Likewise, he sort of knows that his relationship with Anna isn’t right but is too scared to do anything about it.
    Played by Darren Boyd. Find out more at IMDB

    Anna Greig
    Simon’s girlfriend. Anna is desperate to settle down and have children and wants Simon to be the right man to do all that with. It would be so much more convenient than having to find someone else.
    Played by Joanna Page. Find out more at IMDB

    Boris Kemal
    Simon’s work colleague. Unlike Simon, Boris has absolutely no qualms about what he does for a living, believing that arms dealing is a humanitarian service – ‘Give me a man a fish and he can feed himself for a day. Give a man a gun and he can steal fish for the rest of his life.’
    Played by Lewis MacLeod. Find out more at IMDB

    Judith McGrath
    Simon’s sister. Judith works for Oxfam and is appalled by Simon’s job but can’t quite bring herself to disown her big brother, however much she’d like to.
    Played by Sarah Smart. Find out more at IMDB

    Angela McGrath
    Simon’s mother. She doesn’t care about the ethical implications of his job – as long as he gets his own desk and a hot lunch, that’s good enough for her.
    Played by Brigit Forsyth. Find out more at IMDB

    Laurence Howarth – the writer

    Laurence Howarth is a familiar name and voice to Radio 4 listeners. He was the writer of the acclaimed Radio 4 sitcom Rigor Mortis. He is one half of the double-act Laurence and Gus, who have recorded two series for Radio 4, Untold Stories and Men in Love, as well as appearing on 28 Acts in 28 Minutes and Loose Ends.

    Laurence won the British Comedy Award and the Sony Gold Award as one of the head writers for ten series of Dead Ringers. He was one of the writers of the multi-award-winning The Sunday Format and wrote a one-off half-hour comedy for Stanley Baxter and Friends on Radio 4: A Brush with Change starred Stanley Baxter, Maureen Lipman and Claire Bloom.

    Laurence has also written for That Mitchell and Webb Sound, The Armstrong and Miller Show (BBC1), The Omid Djalili Show (BBC1) and Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression (BBC1). He contributes regular column pieces to both Front Row and Open Book and has appeared in Bleak Expectations, Giles Wemmbley-Hogg Goes Off, Jon Ronson on… and High Table, Lower Orders.

    Find out more about Laurence at IMDB

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