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Pick Ups
10 January - 14 February 2008
Thursday 11.00 - 11.30pm
Pick Ups
Pick Ups is a sharp new series set in the run down taxi office of Irwell Cars on the outskirts of Manchester.
Unrequited love; lost opportunities, just earning an honest (well mostly honest) bob and trying to get through this hard shoulder of a thing called life - these are the central themes of Pick Ups.

Fast paced and funny, each episode reveals a self-contained tale or two from the backseat tippers and dippers of the after hours city, as well as unravelling a little more of the life stories of the bantering drivers and their long-suffering receptionist, Lind.

Jump in the back, buckle up and prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey with Pick Ups.
    Cast and characters:
    Pick Ups

    operates the radio and mans the phones on the nightshift. She is a strong minded, independent woman who's as sharp as a tack and won't take any rubbish. A great friend but a terrifying enemy - the type of person you'd like to get to know a bit more but not too much more. Played by Sally Lindsay. Find out more at

    Mike (Topaz): Mike is in his mid-thirties, wanted to make something of himself but he's still not worked out what that is. Saddled with debts, he's always trying to offload some dodgy gear or coming up with some get rich quick scheme. Smokes anything, drinks anything, eats anything... and is secretly in love with Lind. Played by John Thomson. Find out more at

    Dave (Amber): Dave is the new, young driver to be welcomed to the fold. Not the sharpest member of Irwell Cars but is a good, genuine, honest man with a heart of gold. He is the taxi driver you tip heavily and want to book for the return journey. Played by Phil Rowson. Find out more at

    Alan (Rebel): Alan's taxi is his pride and joy, if he's not in it he's cleaning it. He is a big, warm-hearted Asian man in his late twenties obsessed with all things American. Alan listens to Country and Western and his car is decorated with stars and stripes, and Rebel flags. Played by Ash Tandon. Find out more at

    The series also features guest appearances from Mark E Smith and Kathy Staff. Find out more at

    Ian Kershaw - the writer: Ian Kershaw is an up and coming writer from the North. A former actor, he recently joined the prestigious BBC Writing Academy, is one of the Royal Court 50 writers, and has recently won the Royal Exchange/Bruntwood North West writing award. He's recently written for Holby City, Casualty, and EastEnders.

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