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Listen Against
18 November - 9 December 2008
Tuesdays 6.30 - 7.00pm
Listen Against
With the BBC's Listen Again facility there is just too much radio to listen to again. So Listen Against listens again to Listen Again on your behalf and then puts it all back on the radio. Only quicker.
There is too much radio isn’t there? If all the radio in the UK were laid end to end then it would reach from here to The Moon Under Water, which is a pub in Balham, south London. And that’s where Listen Against can help. Like Radio 4’s Feedback but with less violence, Alice Arnold and Jon Holmes look back in amplitude at snippets from Radio 1 through to BBC 7 and beyond, and invite listeners to rise up and shout at it all.

Listen Against is the show that prises the back off your radio, fiddles around with the programmes inside and then puts it all back together the wrong way round.

Naturally you'll hear repeated requests to contact the programme using a telephone or even a computer of some kind ( ...even though the team have neither a phone number or an email address). On your behalf, Alice and Jon will examine the BBC’s output, and presenters and programme makers will be held to account. Or sometimes just held against their will. Some of the things you’ll be hearing across the series include:

• We look in to BBC Radio’s ongoing animal experiments – just how effective is John Humphrys’ latest replacement: a pitbull?
• An up-to-date service report on the leak of damned souls in to BBC Radio studios
• Details of Michael Portillo’s new documentary series, in which he is shrunk to the size of an atom and injected in to Gordon Brown
• The truth behind the BBC’s latest information security breach – a lost laptop containing the subjects for the next 10,000 episodes of Just A Minute.
• All the latest from the 245th Archers Fan Convention in Las Vegas
• Footage of what happened when Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood and Thought For the Day’s Rabbi Lionel Blue swapped places
• The results of Radio 4’s experiments with a sub-atomic programme collider
• A review of Radio 4 drama’s latest biopic: The Rise and Life Of Robert Peston, Financial Correspondent
• Breaking news of the latest takeover bid to rock the financial world, as BBC 2’s ‘Working Lunch’ aggressively asset-strips Radio 4’s ‘Moneybox’
Listen Against is the bastard brain-child of its co-presenter Jon Holmes, well-known to Radio 4 listeners as the short one from The Now Show and for being one of the team behind the multi-award winning Dead Ringers. He has six Sony Radio Awards and a goldfish.

Alice Arnold is one of the best known voices on Radio 4. She is a much respected newsreader and continuity announcer and sounds simply magnificent.
    Writing credits
    Written and created by
    Jon Holmes

    With writers across the series
    Bill Dare
    Joel Morris and Jason Hazeley
    Carl Carter
    Matt Charlton
    Sam Bryant
    Gareth Gwynn
    Luke Roberts

    Gareth Gwynn

    Broadcast assistant
    Elaine Wigley

    Jon Holmes and Sam Bryant

    Performers across the series
    Jon Holmes
    Alice Arnold
    James Bachman
    Adam Buxton
    Jill Cardo
    Justin Edwards
    David Mara
    Catherine Shephard
    Kim Wall

    With special guest appearances
    Konnie Huq
    Michael Portillo
    John Craven
    Tim Westwood
    John Walsh
    Matthew Bannister
    Matthew Parris
    Vaughan Savidge
    Charlotte Green

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