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A Map of British Poetry
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A Map of British Poetry
A 12-part series on Sundays 16:30 - 17:00 (repeated Saturdays 23:30pm)
20 February - 8 May
Sundays 4.30-5.00pm
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Andrew Motion, poet laureate
A personal journey around the landscapes of British poetry presented by Andrew Motion. Find out the poems featured in each programme, and those suggested by listeners.
Programme 1: Sunday 20 February
A Map of British PoetryBorders.
Thinking about the places where one thing ends and becomes something else.
Programme 2: Sunday 27 February
A Map of British PoetryHeartlands
Is there a connection between the geographical middle of the country and our sense of its emotional core?
Programme 3: Sunday 6 March 
A Map of British PoetryLandscapes of the Mind
Poems which establish a manifestly invested world in order to advance recognisable truths about human nature..
Programme 4: Sunday 13 March 
A Map of British PoetryMountains
The mountains of the mind as well as those on a map. Fog, effort, fear and ice..
Programme 5: Sunday 20 March 
A Map of British PoetryLabyrinths
The city experience above all - to be lost in a twisting jumble of streets. The mishmash of people, places and things - beguiling or threatening, liberating or oppressive. The fear of the tunnel and the maze. Ancient or modern?
Programme 6: Sunday 27 March 
A Map of British PoetryCoasts/Edges
Does our islandness still define us? Why do we want to go down to the sea; why can't we leave a beach without picking up something?
Programme 7: Sunday 3 April 
A Map of British PoetryNot England
So much of British poetry isn't 'English', but is much of that poetry about not being England? The poetry of immigration and opposition, of occupation and imperialism, the Celtic song and fringe revitalising the centre from the edges, the south from the north.
Programme 8: Sunday 10 April
A Map of British PoetryFlatlands
Big skies and featurelessness or a wealth of detail at ground level. Are people dwarfed by flatlands or made to stand tall. Is flat empty? What do poets like in flatlands?
Programme 9:  Sunday 17 April
A Map of British PoetryCrowds
Modernity defined. Crush and anonymity. Energy and speed. Dreary oppression and uniformity - the crowded city has been evoked as all these by poets.
Programme 10: Sunday 24 April 
A Map of British PoetryExile/Rootlessness
A clearer sense of here by going there? Home thoughts from abroad. The warm south; a refuge for free thinking, free living, free love? Poets as people who don't want to belong to any club.
Programme 11: Sunday 1 May 
A Map of British PoetryRivers
From the source to the mouth - a parable of a poem. Lives flow, poems do the same. The rhythms and cycles of water. Poets and swimming. A mapping of the living arteries of the island.
Programme 12: Sunday 8 May 
A Map of British PoetryOff The Map
What have we missed out? Love poems, hate poems; poems of god and of war. And what do our listeners think we have missed. From Sir Gawain as he was first described to Simon Armitage's new retelling of the story.
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A Map of British Poetry
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