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Arts and Drama
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Weekdays 19:15-19.45
Radio 4's daily live magazine programme reporting on the world of arts, literature, film, media and music.
John Le Carré - 31 August 2004
Mark Lawson talks in an extended interview to the writer John Le Carré. The Spy Who Came in From The Cold, a disguised confession of his own career as a spy, was the book that made him famous 40 years ago...
Listen to the extended interview

David Lodge - 30 August 2004
Mark Lawson interviews David Lodge who's new novel Author, Author journeys back to the 1880s to explore Henry James' middle years...
Listen to the extended interview

Julian Barnes - 2 March 2004
Mark Lawson talks to Barnes in his London home about his writing career, why his Who's Who entry is so enigmatically brief, and why he shrugs off the label of Francophile despite an enduring attraction to all things French.
Listen to the extended interview

Muriel Sparks - 26 February 2004
Dame Muriel Spark talks to Mark Lawson at her home in Tuscany about her disastrous teenage marriage, the boyfriend who tried to sell her back her own letters and her conversion to Catholicism.
Listen to the interview

Joanna Trollope - 4 February 2004
Author, Joanna Trollope talks to Francine about her latest novel Brother and Sister which looks at on the effect of adoption on several generations.
Listen to the interview

Brian Aldiss - 2 February 2004
Venerated as one of the most important science fiction writers today, Brian Aldiss discusses his latest work with Mark Lawson.
Listen to the interview

John le Carré - 1 January 2004
Mark Lawson talks in a rare extended interview to writer John le Carré. As his latest book Absolute Friends is published, le Carré looks back at his childhood and his relationship with his father; at how his writing was influenced by his time in the British foreign service; and the current international political situation.
Listen to the programme

Minette Walters - 13 November 2003
Mark Lawson talks to Minette Walters on winning the 2003 Gold Dagger Award for the best crime novel.
Listen to the interview

Robert Hughes - 6 October 2003
Robert Hughes, art critic and author of a new book Goya, explains to Mark Lawson how the artist changed art forever.
Listen to the interview

Martin Amis - 1 September 2003
Mark Lawson talks to author Martin Amis, whose latest novel Yellow Dog has divided the critics.
Listen to the interview
Mark Lawson talks to Martin about his book, Koba the Dread 02/09/02.
Listen to the interview
Listen to the 15 min. extended interview

Crime Writing Special - 25 July 2003
Mark Lawson at the first annual Crime Writing Festival in Harrogate with Val McDermid, Jeffery Deaver, Alexander McCall Smith, Peter Robinson and Leif Davidson discussing how to create an original investigator, their moral responibility in portraying violence, and their nationalistic differences.
Listen to the special programme

Walter Mosley - 15 July 2003
John Wilson speaks with crime novelist and activist Walter Mosley, famously Bill Clinton's favourite author, of The Devil In A Blue Dress.
Listen to the interview

Thom Gunn/Beryl Bainbridge - 27 March 2003
In a Front Row exclusive, Mark Lawson talks to the shared 2003 Winners of the David Cohen Literary Prize, novelist Beryl Bainbridge and poet Thom Gunn.
Listen to the interview

Barry Humphries - 9 December 2002
Mark Lawson talks to Barry Humphries about his love-hate relationship with Australia and his alter-egos, Dame Edna and Les Patterson.
Listen to the interview

Donna Tartt - 28 October 2002
Mark Lawson talks to author Donna Tartt about her work and latest book, The Little Friend
Listen to the interview here

Claire Tomalin - 30 September 2002.
Mark Lawson talks to author Claire Tomalin about her book Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self, a full-scale biography of naval administrator Samuel Pepys.
Listen to the interview here

Zadie Smith - 20 September 2002.
Francine Stock talks to novelist Zadie Smith about her novel, The Autograph Man.
Listen to the interview here

Peter Ustinov - 09 September 2002.
Mark Lawson talks to actor, playwright, director and novelist Peter Ustinov in light of a new biography written by John Miller.
Listen to the interview here

Irvine Welsh - 22 August 2002.
John Wilson talks to author Irvine Welsh about his work and new book, Porno.
Listen to the interview

Terry Pratchett - 12 July 2002.
Francine Stock talks to author Terry Pratchett about winnning the 2002 Carnegie Medal for his childrens book, The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents.
Listen to the interview

John Updike - 18 March 2002.
In a special programme to celebrate his 70th birthday, Front Row spoke to John Updike in Boston about his career and early life.
Listen to the interview
Jonathan Demme - 21 October 2004
Mark Lawson talks to director Jonathan Demme about The Manchurian Candidate.
Listen to the interview
Mike Leigh - 19 October 2004
Film director Mike Leigh talks to Mark Lawson about his new film, Vera Drake. Set in 1950s London, it tells the story of a woman who works as a back-street abortionist.
Listen to the interview
Kevin Costner - 15 March 2004.
Kevin Costner talks to Francine Stock about westerns, the dual role of both acting and directing, and his latest film Open Range
Listen to the interview
Tim Burton - 19 January 2004
Francine Stock talks to Tim Burton, director of Beetlejuice, Batman and Edward Scissorhands, about his latest film Big Fish, in which family drama meets fairy tale.
Listen to the interview

Peter Weir - 21 November 2003
Director, Peter Weir, joins Francine Stock to talk about his latest film, Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World which stars Russell Crowe
Listen to the interview

Quentin Tarantino - 02 October 2003
Mark Lawson speaks to director Quentin Tarantino, well known for his love of kung-fu, noir and blaxploitation films, on his latest release, Kill Bill.
Listen to the item

Ridley Scott - 12 September 2003
Francine Stock talks to director Sir Ridley Scott about how he re-invented the historical epic with his film Gladiator, his new project based on the Crusades and his latest film Matchstick Men which stars Nicolas Cage as an obsessive-compulsive con man.
Listen to the interview

Stephen Daldry - 3 February 2003
Director Stephen Daldry talks about The Hours, his David Hare scripted portrayal of novelist Virginia Woolf, which has been critically acclaimed in the USA and tipped for a host of Oscar nominations.
Listen to the interview

George Lucas - 14 May 2002.
George Lucas talks to John Wilson about his latest film, Star Wars, Part II - The Attack of the Clones
Listen to the interview
Peter Jackson - 27 March 2002
Front Row met Peter Jackson, the director of the blockbuster film, Lord of the Rings
Listen to the interview
George Michael - 12 March 2004
With the release of his first original album in 8 years, George Michael talks to Francine Stock about the loss of both his mother and lover, his depression, the spectacular circumstances of his coming out and why he's thinking of quitting the music industry.
Listen to the interview

The Funk Brothers - 30 January 2004
The Funk Brothers are the band responsible for the fabled 'Motown Sound'. As their story Standing in the Shadows of Motown is released on DVD, Francine talks to the band about their remarkable contribution to pop music.
Listen to the interview

Elliott Carter - 23 January 2004
Mark Lawson talks to 95-year-old American composer, Elliott Carter, about the UK premiere of Dialogues for piano and orchestra, and his 10 decades of creativity; a feat unparalleled in the history of music.
Listen to the interview

Franz Ferdinand - 16 January 2004
Francine Stock talks to two members of the Glasgow funk rock band Franz Ferdinand, who are widely tipped as the new act to follow in 2004 after an impressive debut album of the same name.
Listen to the interview

Sir Bob Geldof - 31 December 2003
Mark Lawson talks in an extended interview to the musician and campaigner Sir Bob Geldof, covering a quarter of a century from The Boomtown Rats to Live Aid. Bob Geldof looks back at his musical career and talks revealingly about the impact of public exposure on his private life.
Listen to the extended interview

Francine Stock talks to Sting about Broken Music his recently published memoirs chronicling his life from childhood up to the eve of his success with the Police
Listen to the interview

Jonny Greenwood- 23 October 2003
Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood has taken time out from the band to write the soundtrack for the film, Bodysong. He talks to John Wilson about what compelled him to take on this ambitious project.
Listen to the interview

Courtney Pine - 10 October 2003
Jazz saxophonist Courtney Pine talks to Francine Stock about the importance of being a British musician playing an American form and explains why he's no longer working for a major record label.
Listen to the interview

Nigel Kennedy - 25 September 2003
Passionate and sometimes controversial virtuoso violinist, Nigel Kennedy, talks to Mark Lawson about his new interpretation of Vivaldi's Four Seasons and how it differs from his landmark recording in the late 1980s.
Listen to the interview

Joan Baez - 22 August 2003
Joan Baez talks to Front Row on the release of her first album in six years Dark Chords on a Big Guitar which features contributions from songwriters Steve Earle, Ryan Adams, and David Rawlings.
Listen to the interview

Evelyn Glennie - 15 August 2003
Even though profoundly deaf, Evelyn Glennie is the most critically acclaimed solo percussionist in the world.
Listen to the interview

Kraftwerk - Ralf Hütter - 4 August 2003
In a rare interview, John Wilson talks to Ralf Hütter, founder member of the German avant-garde group Kraftwerk, about the group's considerable influence on contemporary music.
Listen to the interview

Lang Lang - 17 July 2003
Mark Lawson speaks with the talented young Chinese pianist Lang Lang who at just 21 has signed an exclusive recording deal.
Listen to the interview

Nicky Wire - 14 July 2003
Mark talks to Nicky Wire from The Manic Street Preachers about their new album Lipstick Traces - A Secret History, how the band continue towards a marriage of politics and music as well as the difficulties a group of close friends faced over the disappearance of Richie in 1995.
Listen to the interview

Yo-Yo Ma - 13 June 2003
Francine Stock talks to the world famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma about the Brazilian & Latin-American music on his latest CDs.
Listen to the interview

Lou Reed - 12 May 2003
Lou Reed talks to John Wilson about his new album NYC Man, the impact of New York City on his music and his growing passion for the latest music technology.
Listen to the interview

Damon Albarn - 25 April 2003
John Wilson speaks to Blur band member Damon Albarn about his life in the indie group and their latest album Think Tank.
Listen to the interview

Mark-Anthony Turnage - 9 January 2003
Mark Lawson talks to composer Mark-Anthony Turnage about the relationship between classical music and jazz, and how it feels to have a retrospective before the age of 50.
Listen to the interview

Philip Glass - 6 January 2003
Mark Lawson speaks to the composer best known for his operas and music-theatre pieces such as Einstein On The Beach. Philip Glass has just written the score for Stephen Daldry's latest film, The Hours, and his fascination for the cinema is shown in Philip Glass on Film Live, a celebration of 25 years of his film music.
Listen to the interview

Sir Simon Rattle - 29 November 2002
Francine Stock talks to Sir Simon Rattle, Britain's foremost conductor, about the world premiere of Nicholas Maws' opera, Sophie's Choice.
Listen to the interview

Alfred Brendel - 14 October 2002.
In a Front Row special - Alfred Brendel talks about the history, technique, emotions and interests which make his fingers move as they do. Plus why he stays out of the kitchen..
Listen to the interview

Nitin Sawhney - 25 July 2002.
Mark Lawson talks to one of Britain’s leading young composers about his musical influences.
Listen to the interview
David Bowie - 7 June 2002
On the eve of the release of his twenty-sixth studio album, he talks to John Wilson about the a, b, c of his album formats, living in New York, his fears for the future, his love for his daughter, and his concerns about growing old.
Listen to the interview
Steven Bochco - 14 October 2003
Mark Lawson talks to writer Steven Bochco, creator of NYPD Blue and LA Law, about the secret of TV success and why he's branching out into novel writing.
Listen to the interview

Stanley Baxter - 22 December 2003
Mark Lawson talks to Stanley Baxter about his career in radio, tv and forces entertainment as four half hour radio dramas, A Brush with Change mark his return from retirement.
Listen to the interview

Jerry Springer - 7 November 2003
Jerry Springer, talk show host and actor, meets Mark Lawson as Jerry Springer: The Opera, the genre-breaking operatic tale of triumph, tragedy and trailer trash transfers to the West-End.
Listen to the interview

The Pub Landlord - 30 September 2003
Comedian Al Murray, aka 'The Pub Landlord' and general expert on bar room philosophy, British thinking, and the common man's reasoning, talks to Mark Lawson about his forthcoming tour, Giving It Both Barrels.
Listen to the interview

Dave Gorman - Edinburgh Festival - 8 August 2003
An Edinburgh Special, with comedian Dave Gorman joining John Wilson to explain the term googlewhack and why he's travelled the world in pursuit of them. Plus Richard Dormer and a review of Bill Bailey, Ed Byrne & Jo Brand.
Listen to the feature

The Goodies - 24 April 2003
Mark Lawson speaks to The Goodies the classic 1970s comedy team of Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden & Tim Brooke Taylor.
Listen to the feature

Jackie Mason - 11 July 2003
Ahead of a three-night UK tour, veteran American comic Jackie Mason talks to Francine Stock.
Listen to the interview

David Nobbs - 7 April 2003
Mark Lawson talks to David Nobbs, creator of Reginald Perrin about his memoir of television comedy, I Didn't Get Where I Am Today.
Listen to the interview

Ricky Gervais - 23 September 2002.
Mark Lawson talks to comedian Ricky Gervais about the second series of the award winning BBC TWO comedy, The Office.
Listen to the interview

Matt Groening - 4 June 2002.
Matt Groening discusses how he formed his cartoon style, The Simpsons, Futurama, and how far you can push political satire.
Listen to the interview
How does Matt feel making billions of dollars when he originally started out as a radical subversive cartoonist? 25/04/02
Listen to the interview
Warren Mitchell - 08 September 2003.
Mark Lawson talks to actor Warren Mitchell, who is starring in Arthur Miller's The Price at the Tricycle Theatre, London and transfers this week to the Apollo Theatre in the West End.
Listen to the interview

Sam Mendes - 11 September 2002.
In a special edition of Front Row, Sam Mendes talks to Mark Lawson about the art of directing, dealing with actors and coping with gossip columns.
Listen to the interview
Grayson Perry - 17 October 2003
John Wilson talks to Grayson Perry in his studio about his Turner prize exhibits
Listen to the interview

Robert Hughes - 6 October 2003
Robert Hughes, art critic and author of a new book Goya, explains to Mark Lawson how the artist changed art forever.
Listen to the interview

Damien Hirst - 2 September 2003
Mark Lawson talks to the enfant térrible of the art world, Damien Hirst, who is about to open another exhibition, Romance In The Age of Uncertainty at the White Cube gallery.
Listen to the interview

David Hockney - 15 January 2003
John Wilson talks to the artist David Hockney about his move to watercolours.
Listen to the item

Sam Taylor-Wood - 23 April 2002.
Sam Taylor-Wood often confronts the viewer with anguish or places them in the centre of a drama that unfolds on screens around them. she spoke about her new exhibition at the Hayward Gallery.
Listen to the interview
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