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  How was it for you? Were you moved to interact and vote for the perspective you wanted to hear? Or were you just content to listen to the play, and if so why?

Did you find it a gripping drama? Was the interaction satisfying or did you crave more, and if so what?



Caroline, London, Ontario, Canada
I am working on a degree in journalism right now and am studying radio. I thought this piece was exciting, innovative and an excellent use of digital technology. Well done, I look forward to more.

Arthur from Hornsea
A very good story and a brilliant idea hope there are more stories like this soon. I had to wait for the 56Kversion but it was well worth the wait I didn’t expect the ending as I had not heard the radio version of Dark House well done Radio 4 and well done BBC. It would make a good TV short film. WELL DONE!!! THANKS

Herk (BBC)
The Dark House Player, that allows you to select your version of the play, is now available on 56k as well as broadband. Apologies for the problems that delayed the 56k version being published. So, if you experienced problems originally have another go now. Regards

Peter Dykes, Paris - France
I felt all the hype beforehand was a bit over the top, and I only listened because there was nothing on TV!! But I thoroughly enjoyed it; I didn't vote, and didn't find the 'whooshing noise' unpleasant or irritating. It was a good way to fill the gap in zapping from 1 scene to another. I hope the BBC does more of these in the future, though maybe with a bit less hype!

Mr S.Nodlet Leeds
Brave but gimmicky. The technology was 95% successful via braodband.Shame there is no fast forward to listen to each the last section only. I hate the idea of voting determined sequencing - that's hardly giving control to the individual.The equal voting for each character suggests it was an irrelevance. Keep trying it's new - it's different but it's not there yet. Thank you. ps Claudie is excellent as usual.

Jon Warner, London
I enjoyed listening to The Dark House, though I found it a bit confusing at times. What I found most enjoyable about it, though (apart from the binaural stereo), was that it was a radio play that belonged to the Horror genre. I think we get far too little in the way of Horror fantasy or Science Fiction on Radio 4, which, given the suitability of the medium to those genres, is a bit puzzling. Instead it's either Jane Austen or kitchen sink...

Barry Baker - Cookham, Berkshire
I really enjoyed it. I listened on the internet via broadband, and found myself compelled to listen to all three characters' lines of thought. This is where the treatment and the story really suited each other; the sense of endless repetition of events is reinforced by the listener choosing to go back and re-experience the drama from a different viewpoint. However, I also felt that once I had listened to the story from Lucy's perspective, I didn't learn much more from Jim or Kelly's thoughts - they tended to confirm what we had already discovered. All in all, a really interesting marriage of radio and the internet, and I look forward to more.

Paul , Birmingham
Fantastic! It's been quite a while since I've been gripped by a radio production. It's novel , entertaining and enthralling. More please!

Trystan Davies
An excellent piece of radio and internet content. I listened over broadband with the lights off and a bottle of red wine. A truly rich experience. Well done BBC, you have excelled with quality and originality again! Gripping.

Morvarid - Liverpool
I think the story is brilliant. It seems that all three characters are caught in some sort of a time loop and the events happening in one of the character's life affects others. I think Lucy died in the fire that had burnt the little girl years ago. I like Radio Four to make more similar programs.

Rupert, London
Outstanding. Could you do a series of these? With more laughs maybe, more use of the hidden perspectives to keep us guessing... More control... Different endings... so that people listening on the radio can vote for one ending, and then, if they have access to the web, see how it might have turned out otherwise. Or repeat it two or three times on the radio... just like a standard repeat, but with the opportunity to change it each time...

mark williamson milton keynes
confused, gimmicky, whilst the woman on wife swap last night was far more frightening! before innovations in drama occur can you make sure there's a decent story beforehand?

Bob from cardiff
I listened to the dark house, I noticed alot of people were confussed, listen to Kelly " you cant run away from it" then you hear lucy running, if you listen closley you can hear Lucy running down the stairs, then a massive bang, she feel down the stairs, and died the same way Jim ( who died in the 40s) and Kelly (who died in the 70s)

Jane Moran Enfield
'The Dark House' experiment was excellent. Narratives have needed a boost like this and radio is the ideal medium for it. The concept of phoning/texting to change the story strands gave a sense of immediacy. The website design is striking and allows users to get an in-depth view of each of the characters and their situations. More such interactive dramas and follow-up websites, please. It's good to see the Beeb at the forefront of new media design.

I thought it was much better than I expected. And, unexpectedly, I even 'interacted' with my mobile phone, several times. Mind you, like a previous comment, I couldn't quite work out when my vote might be having an effect. I thought the play itself was very powerful - I liked the ambiguity and the enigmatic nature of it all, and I didn't feel 'lost' just because I didn't know exactly what was going on all the time. It was more experiential than narrative. I very much prefer the 'point of view' interaction than one which could affect the course of events. On the whole, radio is more of a 'point of view' form than a 'plot-led' form anyway.

Christopher Treen - Passau, Germany
Stumbled on the web presentation around 11pm and have just finished listening to all 3 versions - Fantastic! Luckily for me, someone set the order of characters and I listened from top to bottom, which I believe gave me the gradual insight into the plot that made it worthwhile listening. Atmospheric sound was great - Up to the usual high BBC standards. Broadband worked well, but I preferred to just listen to each person's side of the story rather than jump around between them. Hope to hear more like it!

Laura , london
Dear Radio 4, I’m writing to you to complain about your Internet radio station. Firstly having a Halloween story a month before Halloween is a bit disjointed. Secondly you should have done further tests before you put it on the internet because we had lots of technical problems but it wasn’t just one computer it was quite a few at school and at pupils houses. Thirdly it was a very difficult story to understand ‘ Dark House ‘ because of the radio presenter kept interrupting and the station kept losing contact. We also didn’t understand the three people on the radio Though I think it was a good idea to put it on the Internet because if you missed the story on the radio you can listen again on the Internet or if you liked the story you can listen as much as you like. I don’t normally listen to radio plays so I was quite interested to hear it but I was very disappointed when I logged on the radio 4 Website and received a muddled non-working story. Yours sincerely Laura Alderton

I would like to comment on your new interactive story the “ Dark House”. I think it was a good idea because if you see things from another point of view it makes the story clearer. My English teacher first introduced me to it. At first I thought “ great a scary story” (sarcasm!) but after 20minutes of Lucy I was gripped. I went home that very night and attempted to listen to the rest of Lucy’s story. The interactivity caused problems at my school and at home because it kept on pausing and restarting at the wrong point, also refusing to change character. I think a thing to do is make clearer instructions. Overall it was a good idea but unfortunately faulty. I wasn’t moved to vote and just wanted to listen because when you know a good story you are gripped however as I moved to interact I was stopped. It was confusing but only because you had to be concentrating to understand. It was really very clever. I would like to hear more plays on Radio 4. If the interactive factor was improved and made better then I would be more inclined to listen to more of them. I hope this letter helps you to rectify the problems and understand my thoughts on your efforts. Good Luck in the future of interactivity!

Richard Soderberg, Eugene, Oregon
The binaural recording alone is absolutely brilliant. Thank you for showing us over here in America what radio can do; the interactive bits are a wonderful touch, and I hope y'all continue experiments such as this one.

Melanie Wattles, Austin ,Texas, USA
I enjoyed it and listened to it using the Real One Player - very clear and user friendly. I may try the interactive stuff next.

Colin, Lichfield
Listened to the play on the web and it worked fine. If it was written with the web in mind I feel that you could have done more with the potential. The ghost story freed the writer from the constraint of working in real time and I felt that the story worked well. The outcome was a tad predictable however and it was rather repetitive midway.

Robert Farnborough
I have just listened to Feedback which claimed that the responses were overwhelmingly favourable. To redress the balance, I found it difficult to follow, the "swooshing" noises detracted from the plot, (as must constantly phoning in to record a vote) and I fell asleep half way through. The best thing about was that it made a pleasant change from the tedious diet of comedy which usually takes over at this time.

Sarah, Nottingham
The story was poor and the ending was predictable. It might have been better if it were longer. Call me a little dense but I only realised towards the middle that they were thinking and speaking aloud and at first I thought Kelly had some imaginary friend with her!! I was tempted to turn off as Lucy's "It's alright Kelly" was repetative and Kelly's 'the man downstairs' was confusing. Visually it might have worked really well. Maybe if it were on digital television (for those lucky enough to have a TV) and you could vote via your set. I found the images in my brain were jumbled and there was no description of anything, essential in a radio play.

Diana, Aberdeen
Really didn't like it, I found it confusing and repetitive. I think it's a very good concept to be developed for people who want to listen on the web and choose the path they want to hear etc. But please spare the rest of us listenening to the radio in the usual way unless you can use a MUCH better script. An extra niggle: I often get fed up with your trailers going on and on repeating themselves - and with this we have to put up with them even after the programme has been broadcast. It makes me turn off, just like the actual programme did.

Alice, London
I really liked it! I love ghost stories however because i am young I can never find any that scare me. I liked how it let you onto diffrent ideas that made the story even better. I also thought it was very well written

paul - Bristol
Okay I may be dull-witted but I can't work out what killed Lucy, I've been backwards and forwards and sideways through this thing and I'm still baffled. Also a listening experience of 40minutes(or whatever) seems to have been a whole year for our panicky radio host: she was chatting to her radio station at the begining - and being answered so she was alive then. Very odd.

Justine - Merseyside
I listened to the play over the Internet. Not having the benefit of Broadband meant the play was quite dis-joined and difficult to listen to - I thought the play had ended rather abruptly several times due to the constant stopping and starting. The concept of the play however, was excellent - I'm not usually a fan of ghost stories and although this one was a little cliched the new technology and concept was enough to keep me listening. More like this would be excellent.

Dallas Simpson, Nottingham
Brilliant concept! About time binaural recording was pushed firmly into the mainstream. As a professional binaural sound artist of many years standing I would love to get involved in the production of such dramas.

Paul Hill / Bristol
I did'nt hear the radio version, but I enjoyed the online version greatly. The whole concept was great but I would say that although I have a broadband connection the interactivity was a not as smooth as it could be and I would suggest you look into alternative interaction methods and technologies.

Christina, Co Down, N, Ireland
I think this is a really interesting idea but I have given up as the sound keeps pulsing and breaking up when I try to listen to it on the website.

Andrew Pearce - Bournemouth
Great play!! Commission more plays like that one. I was glued to the radio. The sounds were amazing, you really thought you were in the house with them. It really worked. Well done you guys.

Sermad Buni Hackney
Rather poor I'm afraid. The story was bizarre and rather nonsensical, had no obvious story path and the characters were wholly unconvincing. The voting was nothing short of pure gimmick and added nothing to the program whatsoever. Perhaps a better way of doing it would be to get listeners to vote on one of the characters actions rather than listening to different characters thoughts.

mark McCardle, Cirencester
Playing ''listen'' again via the web it was impossible to 'listen again' (even after downloading the latest gizmos) to to the constant break-up.However,I'm sure it was a worthy play.Now please pass on to the BBC to get their internet sounds right (we can't all afford broadband).Or maybe it's 'a ghost in the machine'

Martin Pettitt Bury St Edmunds
Just listened to it from the web page. Feel very sorry I missed it live, not sure I understand how it would have sounded live but on the web it got better when I listened to it over again from a each of the cast. The sound style mad it difficult to understand what each person was saying so listening again made it clearer. If this was the intention then it was great. The story,production and style was great more please. I think a who-dunnit or a sci-fi would work well as a interative production as long as they were well written and have the same high production. More please.

Mark H in Montreal
Really enjoyed it. I had intended to lie on the couch but was forced to keep getting up to change the POV. Gave me goose pimples in places....excellent stuff! This is what "digital" was invented for !

Darren Ross, Sunderland
I listened to this on the Web, rather than the radio. At first, I was sceptical - if I want a ghost story, I just want it read to me, not all this interaction business. As I got into the story, and it is a good story, I loved the way I could hear the story from different viewpoints. I think it would have worked just as well as a straight broadcast, but full points for a brave attempt and cracking good entertainment.

David, Exeter
I missed the radio broadcast, so decided to try it on the net. Being blind, I found I was completely unable to use the Flash player used to allow playing and selection of characters on the web page. I think this must be considered if another effort is attempted, as it explicitly excludes people who are already excluded from interactive TV and the like. Try a bit harder on the web technical front, and perhaps I'll be able to comment on the show.

Alex Robinson, Sao Paulo Brazil
I also missed bits on the internet - including the end; which was very frustrating - what happened? This was despite trying to listen to it three times. The drama was captivating - very 21st Century MR James but unfortunaltely tradition was let down by technology.

Dave - Southampton
A potentially brilliant concept let down by a story that just wasn't scary. However, this is definitely a step in the right direction for interactive entertainment, so for that alone I give a thumbs up.

Claire in Somerset
Great production and good to hear something experimental and entertaining. However I didn't interact as I felt it distracted - how about interactive series voting for next episode? Also, earlier in the evening please, or at the weekend!

kayt, north west
wow! im 14, and listened to a recording of it in my english class as an example of how to create atmosphere in writing. i was gripped by the story, and was glad that it ended the way it did. we had a great class descusion on what exactly happened at the end. i thought the switching of charcheters was a good idea, but im not sure it would have made much difference if you had chosen the switching for us! anyway well done, but have it at a more accessable time next time!

Sandy Garrity - Devon
It was so bad I had to turn to Radio 3!

Luke, Reading
Setting a ghost story at Halloween and broadcasting a month before seemed a little disjointed. The production was atmospheric and the story equal to many of the BBC7 Fear On Four repeats (recommend these also with the lights turned down). Was this recommended to add a ghostly glow from mobile phones :) As for the interactivity, it didn't seem to add anything. Possibly detracted. No single voice seemed to dominate, breaking the chance to really empathy with one character - not a bad thing as such, just seemed a bit bland knowing that the listeners had a chance to take one point of view - the downside of democracy. Noticed afterwards that the voting was only slightly biased towards Kelly, even falling into a short even pattern int he last half. The percentages for votes hid the actual number of votes cast. The idea of trying to vote (obviously frequently and regularly) to keep listening to your favoured character seemed a bit of a distraction, and I didn't vote ! Did everyone who voted consider it value for money ? Perhaps a series where voting is for the next daily or weekly episode would be less distracting at the time of broadcast. As a gimmick the interactivity was interesting, but a good play/story will enthrall a listener whether they like the characters or not; rather than require a distraction. Spending resources on good plays will be more appreciated by the audience than being charged to alter the course of the everyday mediocre.

Nick, Leeds
Excellent, the suspense made this an excellent and truly scaring programme, whilst also frustrating you in a "no I want to hear from X not Y" sort of a way. Brilliant, more please.

Susan Marks Luton
Missed it on radio but just listened to it on the website. Not a bad story but a potentially fantastic concept. I always thought of radio plays as great entertainment but hadn't thought that things like this might develop. How exciting the future of Radio 4 plays look. Keep up the excellent work. I eagerly await the next step.

tim hay
great stuff

DJ, Ockendon
How about a T.V version utilising that little red button?

It's refreshing to hear an interactive programme that is genuinely entertaining and exicting. This drama set my mind off in all directions. I was left guessing who the charactors were, Was Jim a killer or rescuser? Was Kelly real or a ghost? Were they all ghosts? What was the unresloved event that woundn't let whomever rest? Reminded me a bit of the adventure books everyone read at school! Fantastic.

Sharon Taylor
Missed bits of the play especially the end. I listened to it on the internet on Thursday morning. The bits I heard I thought were very entertaining. What have I done wrong?

Dan, Manchester
I thoroughly enjoyed the Dark House, mainly because it was a very good radio production rather than bacause it was interactive (I didn't). For me, one thing that turns me away from radio drama is sloppy production values (eg people are on the beach, yet sound like they're in a cupboard... but with seagulls) and the attention to detail in this programme was superb. Interactivity, maybe, but definitely more of this quality of production from the experimental wing of BBC radio please!

Pat Nevison
Mike, Izzi, Nick - you've done something historic. I wonder if Lumiere or Daguerre or Marconi or Baird knew what would happen after.... I hope you all get to hear it (what comes after), and realise that you started this. But even if you don't, realise before you go, that this is a defining moment in entertainment. You really have started something. And future folk will listen to archive recordings of this, (after interactive drama is the norm, we've made many more mistakes, and refined the art) and think how twee or naive it sounds. And they really will miss the point - this is where it began. Thanks.

Alan - Germany
I have to agree with Grace from London, there was not enough difference between the characters' perspektives. I also experienced some problems choosing my own character track (via DSL over the net !!). However, I enjoyed it and look (or rather hear) forward to the next interactive play. Maybe something would work better where the characters were totally seperated for parts of the drama, for example during the build up to a wedding, a party or some other kind of event in which anticipation plays a key role.

jane edinburgh
i was so scared i had to put on the light when i got up in the night and im over 40!well done

Even though I didn't interact by voting, I enjoyed listening to the play, and I was tempted to vote,at the beginning of the play I found it a bit confusing when it was Kelly's perspective, overall, I have been searching the Radio 4 website for more dramas since The Dark House was my first radio drama that I have listened to, and I hope the BBC come up with more ghost stories and fulfilling drama as many people might agree with me. 10/10

David Filer, Alicante, Spain
A concept I can only applaud. Unfortunately listening in Spain via a 56k modem and Flash video makes it one I shall not be able to enjoy. How about a sound only version using Real Player for overseas listeners? Otherwise, good effort all round.

Sarah, Shropshire
We listened to the play in the bed in dark and with no intention of voting - that would have just interrupted the flow of a nicely creepy drama. Very interesting concept, though it would perhaps have been more interesting to have voted on outcomes rather than points of view? Anyway, a great treat to listen to a good ghost story straight after the excellent "Pompeii" (Book at Bedtime). Far better than the usual juvenilia we get on R4 after 11pm. Well done. More please!

Tim Young, West Yorks
Superb, I just went with the flow on the radio, and enjoyed it all - great ending. We need more horror on the radio. BTW: I did listen to it 'in the dark' as the announcer said

J Anders, Salisbury
Very good i thought but maybe an online voting feature would be better except financially. Was there really 100% voting for Jim at one point or was that an error?

Ian Harrow, Whitstable
It is great to see experimental approaches to drama on the radio although I found fiddling with a (mobile) phone a bit of a distraction - I'm sure there will be better devices for interaction in the near future eg. DAB + remote. What has really impressed me is the Flash enabled web site which delivers high fidelity reception via broadband and the matrix interface for choosing which character's view point to listen from. I expect this format would be good delivered on DVD too. I'm looking forward to the next production....

Anna, Swansea
I listened to this drama on the net, so I got to choose my own path - must admit I did skip backwards a few times to hear a couple of perspectives at some of the key moments. If fear was the goal, then the drama was a success, at least for me! Fear was the main driving force behind my listening decisions -- I was afraid to start listening to Jim until he had been properly introduced, and then I avoided Lucy when I realised she was breaking down: I suppose I took the wimp's listening route!! The whole production came together well, although on radio I guess I wouldn't have been able to re-listen to parts that confused me, so it seemed well-suited to internet access. Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoyed it - and am looking forward to more!

nick - Maidenhead

Ben - London
I've now listened to the first 6 sections 3 times, and it stops each time - is there some secret to this, on broadband over a network, one can't select characters or change position within the play, I'm sure modem listeners are suffering even more

Phil, Coventry
Excellent idea, and the interactivity made it feel a lot more immediate than radio plays normally feel. But the content was hardly groundbreaking, and with everything else so slick and sophisticated I felt a bit cheated that the story wasn't more intelligent, and, dare I say it, scary. Definitely worth listening to, though, and I'll look forward to further experiments into interactive storytelling. How about using a couple of spare digital channels so the listener can choose when to change perspective...

Sarah Godfrey
I can't listen to it. Even with Macromedia player, the speech is far to jolted. Had to listen again because it was on a little too late.

Mrs Hughes, North Wales
Excellent production and an exciting idea! We voted several times and it swung our way every time! Whole family enjoyed it (kids stayed up especially - loved everything except sitting in the dark!). Fantastic sound quality too. Very creepy! Well done - looking forward to more like it. (Voting online/digital tv next time too please?)

Abi - London
Having taken on board the advice of listening to this in the dark, I really really enjoyed this drama. All though it wasn't flawless, it was the most entertaining 45 minutes I have spend in ages. I have to say I was really glad it went so quickly - I was terrified.

Simon Mort-Adams - Llanrhaeadr
I don't normally listen to radio plays, but I was intrigued by the teaser trailers for 'The Dark House'. I personally didn't vote, I just sat back and enjoyed the story. Very well written and a thoroughly good twist at the end. More late-night ghost stories would be brilliant. Well done the Beeb!!

Mathew Green, London
I agree with comments from Martin in Edinburgh that the experience would have to be different over time to encourage continued interaction and also with Richard in London in that I found the early scene with the fire a little confusing but, in many ways, it wasn't until experimenting with the Dark House player after the broadcast that I realised exactly how much each scene differed in perspective and therefore how different the experience could potentially have been. During the broadcast I was a little unsure what my vote was influencing. At first, (possibly because of ignorance!), I thought that scenes were probably identical except for the particular voice-over so I didn't appreciate until after the event just how much work technically had gone into each 'scene'. I also felt it would help those who voted feel a little more engaged if there was more 'live' feedback - I may not have received a text message during the broadcast because my Inbox was close to being full(!) or none may have been sent..but if it was the latter, it would be very good as a participant to be encouraged with return messages confirming my vote or even, if technically possible, telling me that I hadn't voted for Jim and asking if I'd like to hear the next scene from his perspective, for example. I did receive a vote 'round-up' but I didn't feel that was benefical information. Like others I would really like to know how you were able to move from scene A to scene C seamlessly and it would be interesting to know how many votes were actually cast. Thanks for a very interesting experience - I look forward to the next one!

Paul, Hull
Was so looking forward to 'the dark house' a great concept, thought the story let it down slightly, I voted and ultimatly felt dissatisfied with outcome, not enough detail all said though top marks!

Gina McColl - Southampton
I throughly enjoyed it and yes, I started off listening to it in the dark and ended up with the light on. Very entertainly and the twist at the end was a chilling surprise. The 3-d stereo affect worked very well as the three characters seemed to be in different places of my room..!!. Would like more of the same please.

Grace, London
I didn't think the play made the most of the format - most of the plot was expressed in conversation between characters (so which perspective you were hearing didn't seem to make much difference...) and were their perspectives very different anyway? There wasn't much conflict between the way one character viewed another and the way that character viewed him/herself, or what one character knew about another or about the circumstances that another didn't, was there?

julia hodgkinson chelmsford
confusing script seemed mainly to consist of kelly shouting "go away" and "stop it" once it was established the ghosts were from 2 different eras, it didn't take a great deal of working out what was going to happen next to lucy a murder would work well as you'd have the challenge of working out who the murderer is via voting for the various characters and their thoughts etc

John, Edinburgh
it was good to try as an idea but the play never got beyond its gimmickry. The characters' internal monologues were lazy, expositional and undramatic: if only more time had been spent on the script and less on the marketing. People don't talk like that. The narrative was confusing and both my gf and I didn't know what was going on several times.

Though I listen to Radio 4 in the morning and at weekends, this was the first time I have made time to listen in the evening. I tuned in specifically because it was a ghost story and because the Dark House pages on the web fascinated me. I found the storyline and conclusion fairly predictable but the acting was far better than on any other radio drama that I have caught in the past; very natural. The sound was amazing though, incredibly atmospheric. I didn't vote as I didn't want to be distracted but I would definitely listen to anything you had to offer in the same vein.

Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Cambridge
What a unique experience! I’ve never had the inclination to use text or phone to register a vote for polls or television programmes before, and hadn’t expected to feel compelled this time either. However, I soon found myself texting away, very much enjoying the process of sitting alone in the dark, lit only by the light of my computer and mobile phone screens, and listening to the story unfold. I must say, upon listening to the drama again, I found it much more frightening when I wasn’t participating as I was more able to allow my imagination to take over and to concentrate solely on the unfolding of the story. Willing suspension of disbelief is a bit more tricky when one is actively engaged in the process of manipulating the presentation of the story; by constantly registering my personal choice of narrator through text, I was constantly reminded that the piece to which I was listening was a carefully constructed fiction. Not to say that this diminished my enjoyment of the drama in the least; rather, I enjoyed it immensely in a very unique way. It was interesting to feel a part of an audience that I couldn’t see and with whom I couldn’t communicate, as one could to in a theatre space. I found it tantalising that every three minutes, the voice would change, leaving me privy to only a third of the available story. I would be very curious to see what could be done with the medium of interactive radio in the future. Particularly, I would find it fascinating to explore plotlines that make explicit reference to, or that rely upon (rather than just make use of) the fact that the audience is helping to construct the story. I suppose I’m thinking of how authors like Rushdie, Nabokov and Fowles make explicit reference within their texts to the subjective nature of the process of writing, and am finding the idea of radio metafiction simply too yummy to resist!

juliana master dartmoor devon
i was so looking forward to the play . i always listen to radio 4 at this time , mostly i turn off thr infintile writing thats put out at this time , and have thought why dont they put on a play at this time perfect for tierd eyes that can no longer read into the late dark night . however when you live alone in alarge farmhouse in the middle of dartmoor i soon became to scared to continue to listen , what a shame did you think about us folks who live miles from anyone in large rambling houes .so i missed it but please do more and more plays at this time its perfect time for storytelling

Simon, Essex
Really enjoyed it, but listening in the dark I'm afraid sleep claimed me and I missed the last 15mins. Will it feature on 'Listen Again' so I can hear the broadcast version again?

Rob Coppard, West Cork, Ireland
the transmission was bad - the characters sounded like a cast of darlics on acid! - quite incoherent unfortunately. My modem is operating at 31.200 bps around here - I dont have a problem normally receiving programes on radio 4 through my real player - pity i could not here what was going on, the concept sounds fun!

Christina Arden, Macclesfield,Cheshire
I just listened to the drama, but would have liked to interact with the goings on but was unable to as i only have a mobile phone which is on the virgin network, so they don't except five digit numbers. But other than that i thought it was a great and well thought out drama but would have prefered it to be a bit longer and maybe more in depth. I would love to hear more such dramas on the radio as there never seems to be anything much of interest on the television, thank you for an enjoyable 45 minutes of listeneing pleasure.

Paul, Preston UK
The play was obviously well written in and the interaction added to the tension. The production quality was excellent and the twist in the tail was a nice touch. Full marks BBC

James McAlpin Beckenham

TimmyJimmy / Kings Lynn
Great fun but, even though I voted, I would have enjoyed it anyway even without the involvement. Only 1 in 100 productions would lend themselves to this style, but it was definitely worth it, although this was a bog standard ghost story - was this a safe option for launching this format? Also - how many people voted? - 100, 1000, ?

Phil Feltham
I thought the play was poor at best and I wasn't tempted to vote. The voting resulted in an even more disjointed production. I wouldn't listen to another one that used this gimmick.

Charles Yarnold - Wellesbroune, Warks
I loved this show! I started in the dark but soon had to turn the light on, I was a bit too taken with voting and missed bits, so if there is a follow up or another story using the voting I will just listen :) The only bad thing was that it felt 5 mins long not 45! I don’t know if it would work, but a longer play on the horror style would be great. Thank you again for a great play that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and if I win the writing comp I would love to thank the makers in person.

Martin Hillman, Edinburgh
I thought it was really good, beautifully acted and seamlessly blended as the votes took effect -- but I can't help feeling that this was partly because it was unusual. I don't see myself sending ten or 15 messages in three quarters of an hour every day, week or even month, partly out of decreasing novelty and partly because I'm not sure you could keep the high standard up -- the two are the same thing, I guess

Richard in London
Got muddled when trying to open the first room, all of a sudden Jim and Lucy were talking about a fire and were worried about Kelly surviving but she popped up again and I certainly didn't get an impression of fire and it threw me. On another note I wasn't convinced with Lucy's descendance into "Blair Witch" fear. But well done pushing out the boundaries of broadcast. Would be very interesting with a house full of murderers.

David, Reading
Enjoyed it thoroughly - glad to see radio being experimental. It must have been dearish to make and something of a one-off surely? Was it to prove the technology or to make drama? What next?

Paul Allchorne Coventry
Although I didn't interact, I really enjoyed listening as the story unfolded. Excellent story telling. Radio 4 should definitely make more interactive dramas. Thanks must go to the creators for giving Radio 4 listeners a really original and entertaining story. Brilliant.

Al Davis - Tucson AZ USA
I enjoyed the presentation and hope to hear more of the "experiment" on the BBC

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