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Stephen Fry "desperate no more"
Comic Relief

patricia greene, stephen fry, felicity finchIt's been a funny old week on BBC Radio 4, all because of Comic Relief. And the end result is that Stephen Fry (pictured left, with Patrica Green (Jill) and Felicity Finch (Ruth)) has earned his chance to appear in a specially written episode of the Archers: Victoria goes to Ambridge.

Victoria Wood, a devoted Archers fan, wrote a series of mini-episodes ending with a starring role for a celebrity.

listen to Victoria goes to Ambridge Listen to Victoria goes to Ambridge

Four famous Archers fans - Ewan MacGregor, Stephen Fry, Liza Tarbuck and Sir Ian McKellen - all asked listeners to vote for them to perform the starring role (the rest will have to be content with a line or two). The final results were:


A total of £13,448 was raised by the voting - a record for BBC Radio 4 listeners' contributions to Comic Relief.

patricia greene, chris moyles, felicity finch
One celebrity also made an unannouced appearance. BBC Radio 1's Chris Moyles popped up in The Bull ordering a rather effete cocktail, and a signed copy of the script found its way onto his "Truck of Luck", to be won by a lucky listnener.

victoria wood, kath shuttleworth
Victoria Wood performing sound effects with technician Kath Shuttleworth.

Archers editor Vanessa Whitburn said: "This has been great fun - and a lot of hard work - and I want to thank everyone who worked so willingly to make it a success. Victoria was a delight to work with - obviously a genuine listener and very professional, as well as being very funny. Our celebrities said lovely things about The Archers, as well as being such good sports. Our cast members gave up their time and sent their characters up with such good humour. The production team fitted all the extra work into an already tight schedule - expecially Julie Beckett who directed the episodes with such aplomb. Our colleages in Today, You and Yours, Front Row, and Home Truths - and the BBC Radio 4 presentation announcers - really got behind the project. And of course, I want to thank our listeners, whose votes will contribute to the wonderful work that Comic Relief does in Africa and elsewhere."

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Comic Relief

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All the BBC's Red Nose Day activity

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