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    Hannah burst back onto the Ambridge scene in Spring 2018, a whole decade on from when she first arrived in the village. Back in 2008 she was an agricultural student keen to build up her practical skills.

    She worked for Tom with his pigs which were based at Home Farm at the time. It was the hands on experience she was looking for but unfortunately she got caught in the crossfire between Tom and Brian. Brian then owned half of Tom’s sausage business but Tom got annoyed at his uncle’s interference.

    During this time, Hannah worked alongside Jazzer who became smitten with the no-nonsense Lancastrian. Chris Carter was more Hannah’s type but he was already in a relationship with Alice, a fact somewhat laboured by Jazzer.

    Lovelorn Jazzer poured out his heart to Kenton who told him to get back into the saddle and try again. So, Jazzer offered Hannah a night of passion that she’d remember for the rest of her life. Hannah turned him down gently, saying that her mum always said to never work with pleasure. The pair remained friends and when Hannah left to return to college they parted on good terms.

    'Completely mystifying'

    Ten years on, Hannah returned to Ambridge after securing a job at...

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  • Today we welcome Jeremy Howe into Ambridge as he takes up his post as the new editor. Howe was previously BBC Radio 4’s Commissioning Editor for Drama and Fiction and said of the role:

    “Being in charge of Radio 4's drama and fiction has been one of the best jobs in the world. I am thrilled to be asked to do another of the best jobs in the world, to take up the reins of The Archers and to carry on the work of my illustrious predecessors Huw Kennair-Jones, Sean O'Connor & Vanessa Whitburn. It is an honour and privilege to be moving to Ambridge. I just hope that my favourite country walk along the Am hasn't been ruined by Brian's chemical misdemeanours.”


  • The actress Carolyn Jones has died peacefully at home after a short illness aged 77. Having started her career with Olivier’s celebrated National Theatre Company at the Old Vic, she played most of the theatres in the UK. She became a familiar face in the golden age of British drama in the 1970s and 80s and is best remembered for playing Sharon Metcalfe, the tough-talking, soft-hearted garage secretary in Crossroads from 1977 to 1983.

    Carolyn married actor Jeremy Mason in 1969. Jeremy’s father Edward J. Mason had co-created The Archers and Jeremy went on to appear as Roger Travers-Macy in the series, husband to Jennifer and father to Debbie and Adam. In 2016, Sean O’Connor, then editor, created a role especially for Carolyn, Ursula the villainous mother of the abusive Rob Titchener.

    Carolyn's last appearance in The Archers was on 27 January 2018 when Ursula surprised Alan at St Stephens desperately searching for answers as to her son Rob's whereabouts.   

    ::Read our interview with...

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  • Anthony Stewart Head joins the cast of The Archers

    The Fairborther's welcome Anthony Stewart Head into their family but others in Ambridge might not be so happy to see him. Anyone told Jill? Or Elizabeth? 


    ::Find out more about the Fairbrother clan::

    Toby ( Rhys Bevan) and his dad Robin Fairbrother (Anthony Stewart Head)

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  • On the night of the Hunt Ball in October 2017, Matt Crawford was struck down by a car and left in a ditch. Speculation was rife with Adam, Justin and Shula in the frame, but now the truth is out and it turns out to have been the most unlikely of Ambridge residents - Nic Grundy.



    Listen: Will explains what happened the night of the Hunt Ball.

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  • David Archer marries Ruth Pritchard (December 1988)

    Shula Archer marries Mark Hebden (September 1985)

    Eddie Grundy marries Clarrie Larkin (November 1981)

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  • All of Ambridge turned out for Nic's funeral.. except for Alice who turned up late, and missed the service. Emma was fuming... but as it turned out, it might have been better if she hadn't shown up at all...

  • The Archers blog has a great archive of content for Archers fans to browse and enjoy and we will continue to publish features here and elsewhere on the Archers website.

    We will be closing the comments function on this blog on the 8 April 2018. We want to thank all of you who’ve engaged in this forum over the years.

    We want to reach audiences in the most effective way and the closure of the...

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  • A guide to some of the key locations in Ambridge, but the important question - where would you most like to live?

    :: Take a tour around Ambridge ::




  • Shula and Alistair got off to a shaky start in 1997 but Alistair's persistence won out. Can it win out again after Shula tells him that she doesn't love him any more?


    ::Read their full history::

    Happier times for Shula and Alistair?