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One Equal Music?

Sunday 6 March 2005 13:00-18:00 (Radio 3)

The voices of world music are linked by common human experiences. Andrew McGregor hosts a virtual roundtable with Ian Anderson and Ben Mandelson.


5 hours


Birth-music and the Rhythms of Family Life

From a Yiddish lullaby to Senegalese duo Pape and Cheikh

Finding an Audience

Ali Farka Toure's rise from cab-driver and farmer to world music star, with Andy Kershaw and Njane Mugambe

Working Songs and Table Music

From grinding millet in North Cameroon to the potato harvest in Bolivia.

Nurturing a Brand

World music on the radio with Francis Gay from Funkhaus Europa and Charlie Gillett, Catherine Guilyardi on a 100-year-old French connection, and Wah! - a guide to the interactive informality of the Indian classical tradition

Lovers' Laments and Wedding Grooves

From the Laurel Fork Travelers at Rosalee McFall, via Ginesa Ortega, to an Australian version of Barbara Allen.

Crossing the Borders

World music festivals, Bill Badley on the Bedu, Jameela Siddiqi's memory of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and the delicate balance of creative destruction with Simon Broughton and Robin Denselow

Courtly Music and Protest Songs

From Balinese gambuh depicting the battle with King Tan Mundur to the imperial traditions of China

Dressing the Mix

World music on the dancefloor with Clotaire K, Doudou Sarr, Max Reinhardt and Rita Ray, klezmer in the new world order, and Western composers' attitutes.

Music Over the Horizon

From Kurdish epic chant to Strings of Pearls from The Klezmatics.

Stepping Out of the Box

Aysegul Merrick from Turkey, Stella Chiweshe from Zimbabwe, music from the top of the world and the final frontiers of world music.

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